Your Winter Safety Guide for York Pets!

If you live in the York area, you know that winter is in full swing! From snow to ice storms and everything in between, we must keep our pets safe during all weather conditions. A winter safety guide is always handy, so you can remind yourself of the important things to remember during the winter season. 


Get Their Winter Gear Ready

Like us, our pets must also dress appropriately for the cold weather. Investing in a coat, sweater and booties for your dog is a good idea. Now, dogs wearing boots are cute, but it is not something they are used to, nor is it natural. Some dogs might also reject wearing a coat, so it is a good idea to take measures necessary to train them to like wearing their winter gear. Never force your pet to wear clothes if they genuinely won’t accept them. Some breeds do well in the cold weather, like huskies, St. Bernard’s and Alaskan Malamutes, so avoid putting coats on them!   Judge by your pets breed, age and health 


If It’s Too Cold For You, It’s Too Cold For Your Pet 

We understand that your dogs must go outside to do their business. What is important here is the amount of time you spend outdoors. When the temperatures are seven degrees and lower, you should take the precautions outlined above. If you have to, bring your pet outside multiple times a day, so they still get adequate opportunities to relieve themselves. You can also play inside to help them burn off their energy and reduce stress. Playing will also help warm up their bodies before heading out, so they aren’t entirely freezing when you step outside. 



You may have noticed that the towns of Newmarket, Aurora, Sharon and Holland Landing sometimes go to access with salt on the roads and sidewalks.   Salt can hurt and burn pets’ paws.   Even if your dog does not need boots for the cold it can help protect their paws from the salt as well 

Winter Safety Guide for York Pets!

Your Pup Might Require More Attention Depending on Their Age 

Puppies may not tolerate the cold very well as they need time to get acclimated. Don’t fret if you notice them shivering and wanting to run back inside! Gradually expose them to the cold weather, and don’t forget their winter coats or sweaters. Puppyhood is a great time to introduce booties to your dog as well. 

Seniors will also need special attention as the cold weather can aggravate certain medical conditions such as arthritis, stiffness and soreness. Keep your walks short and sweet when it’s freezing outside, so they aren’t in more pain than they need to be. 

Keep An Eye On Your Kitties

Your cats also need to be supervised during the winter months as well. Ensure you have a warm place for them to settle down during the day and night. You will understandably have to leave the house from time to time during the winter, so keep an eye on your cats to ensure they don’t run outside unexpectedly. The last thing you want is a missing kitty during the cold weather. 

Know The Signs of Hypothermia 

Hypothermia is a big thing to pay attention to when it comes to winter safety for your pets. This serious condition can have dire consequences if you don’t notice it early enough. Hypothermia occurs when you or your dog spends too much time out in the cold. If you notice your dog is shivering mildly and it gets more severe, they are way too cold and need to be brought inside immediately. 

More severe signs of hypothermia include weakness, slow, shallow breathing and refusal to continue walking. Small dogs and those with short/thin coats are more prone to hypothermia. Keep a close eye on your puppies and senior dogs as well. Bundle up your fur babies properly before going outside! 

This winter safety guide will help keep you and your pets safe. Luckily winter doesn’t last forever, so we only need to keep up with these safety measures temporarily. You can get through winter easily if you dress your dogs up with the proper winter clothing and keep your outings short. If going outside in the cold weather isn’t your thing, give us a call at York Professional Pet Sitting! We are here for your pets in Newmarket, Aurora, Sharon and Holland Landing. We can take care of dog walks during the week or set up a consultation to discuss your pets’ needs! 



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