Your pet CAN get the flu from you

I recently wrote a blog post Can Dogs Catch my cold, thankfully my research showed that NO your dog cannot catch the common cold from you or any of our team members visiting your home.

With this year’s high increase of the flu, I decided to do some research on that and YES, there is increasing evidence to say that YES your dog or cat can get the flu from YOU!!!

The symptoms will be similar but of course, they can’t express them in the same way, lethargic, no appetite, aches, pains, fever, sneezing, runny eyes etc.  Flu is airborne and those nasty little germs will find a way into your pet’s system.  This is usually not an issue but like most illnesses, if you have a very young pet or a senior pet, they have a higher risk.

So as much as you would love company when you are down with the flu ….. Misery does LOVE company!  The flu is something that you probably should suffer alone.  Lots of disinfectant wipes, covering your nose and mouth and dare a say it – shooing your pet away from your side.

If you need an animal to snuggle up with while you rest, maybe it’s time to borrow one of the kid’s stuffed animals – you can throw them in the wash after.



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