Your Guide To Housetraining Your Puppy!

The holidays are upon us, and gift shopping is in full swing. Are you thinking about surprising your family with a new puppy? One important thing to know is how to housetrain them(AKA: potty training) properly. This task will take a lot of determination and patience. Thankfully we are here to give you a simple guide to housetraining your puppy and eliminate the guesswork for you! 


Start Crate Training Right Away

Crates have been proven to be a very effective tool when housetraining. Ensure you choose a crate that will accommodate the size of your pet when they reach adulthood. They should be able to sit and lie down in their crate comfortably.

Crate training should begin immediately if you obtain your new puppy at eight weeks or older. Your dog should see their crate as a positive and safe space to relax and hang out. Do not force your puppy to enter their crate if they are apprehensive. Allow your puppy to sniff the crate, and feed them treats as they interact with it. The goal is to create a positive association with the crate. Throw some treats and toys inside to entice them to go inside. As your pup gets more comfortable with the crate, practice leaving them there for short periods. 


Allow Your Dog to Choose Their Preferred Potty Surfaces 

When heading out with your puppy, it’s essential to expose them to appropriate surfaces & reward them for eliminating there. Some dogs might prefer to eliminate on grassy areas, while others will go on the sidewalk. Either way, you should reward your pup for eliminating outside! Make their behaviour with a “yes!” or “good job.” You may also feed them a treat immediately after they eliminate. Refrain from feeding them the treat while they are doing their business, as you might distract them. 


Create a Schedule and Stick to It

Having a schedule for your new pup is crucial for several reasons. First, dogs love consistency as it lets them know what to expect during their day. Routines are incredibly important for your new pup. A consistent schedule can support many aspects of your relationship with your dog, from house training to grooming and even preventing some behavioural problems. 

Keep an eye on your puppy’s habits when creating a schedule. It would help if you took your puppy outside daily after the following: 

  • First thing in the morning
  • Right before bedtime
  • After playing indoors
  • After spending time in a crate
  • Upon waking up from a nap
  • After eating
  • After drinking

Guide To Housetraining Your Puppy!

If you work full-time outside the house, hire a professional pet sitter or dog walker to help you and your pup maintain the same schedule daily! We service the areas of Newmarket, Aurora, Sharon, and Holland Landing. Contact us here to schedule a meet and greet so we can work together to determine your pets’ needs!


Know The Signs of When Your Puppy Needs to Go Out

When your dog needs to go potty, there are signs to look for to make housetraining successful. There are obvious signs like barking or scratching at the door. Less obvious signs are sniffing around or circling, as it could look like your pup is just exploring something interesting. 

Your puppy may also stop what they are doing if they are in the middle of an activity and need to go potty. As soon as you notice these things, grab the leash and harness and bring your dog outside immediately. 


Never Punish Your Dog for Making Mistakes!

Housetraining your puppy takes time and patience. When learning something new, your puppy will make mistakes. Do not punish your dog if they have an accident in the house. Do not hit them or rub their face in the excrement. This is ineffective, and the last thing you want to do is scare your puppy.


Consistency is KEY. 

If you have to go to work or away, pre-plan for a friend, family member or pet-sitting company to come in and follow the routine. At York Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking, we have helped potty train 100’s puppies since 2000 and are happy to help you with yours.  

Housetraining your puppy is definitely a process, but one that is certainly worth it. Here is an excellent summary of what we discussed in today’s blog. This guide to housetraining your puppy will help remove any confusion, so you know where to start your journey. 



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