Why you and your dog need a dog walker

Many people think having a Dog Walker is a luxury service.   That may have been the case many years ago, but today having a dog walker is an essential service for any pet parent.

The truth is that hiring a reputable, professional dog walker will provide  many benefits to your pet, you and your family.   Here are the top five reasons why.

1 – Socialization and Stimulation.

Getting out for a walk not only provides your pooch with the physical exercise they need but also with the mental stimulation that all dogs require to be happy and well-balanced.   Many trainers refer to a short break in the day for a dog as a “brain break“.    You need them, that’s why you step away from your desk, talk to colleagues, go to the gym at lunch.   Your dog needs it too.  They need to see, hear, smell all different things.   They need to sniff the fresh air, other dogs and get their brain moving from the sedate stare at the front door waiting for you.  Why do you think your dog is so happy to go for a walk?, it’s not just to move their body it’s to stimulate their senses.    Imagine your day without a break.

which would you rather be

2 – Health

Again like us dogs require physical exercise to allow them to live long, happy, and healthy lives.

Vets have proven with the change of lifestyle over the past few decades our pets now are at more risk of obesity,  joint problems, diabetes, bladder, kidney and urinary tract issues from  holding it to long.  In the long run this will cost you more money at the vet than having a dog walker.   You may take your dog for a good long run on the weekend which is fantastic, however, your dog is now going from sedate to marathon mode and this is where vets are seeing torn mcl’s, blown cruciate costing 1000’s in surgery.   Keep your dog moving daily and then they are ready for the marathon on the weekend.

One of the best ways to keep your dogs mind and body healthy is to provide a MINIMUM of 3 – 20 minute walks daily.

3 – Behaviour

It’s very true, a tired dog is a good dog.    It’s hard to get in trouble when you are popped 🙂  Regular walking, a brain break and companionship all help your pooch stay out of trouble.   Less barking (your neighbours will thank you), less chewing, less behavioural issues.    Most trainers will tell you that a lot of behavioural problems are the result of a bored and under stimulated dog (just like kids … think about that).

Think about it, if nobody is going to come by and “play” with them then they will find something in your home to play with .. oh those Prada’s  look tasty ….

I'm bored now

4 – Peace Of Mind

Ahhhh my favourite thing – “don’t worry be happy”.  In today’s lifestyle nothing is the usual Monday – Friday 9-5.   Hiring a professional dog walker will give you more peace of mind that you realize.

You no longer have to worry as much if you need to stay late for work, or if your dog doesn’t completely “finish”  doing all their business when you take them out in the morning.  Knowing that your dog will get companionship and  quality time outdoors during the day also helps relieve the guilt or stress held by knowing your pup is otherwise locked up alone, often for 8 or more hours every day.  You can relax and feel confident that your pup is being taken care of and you no longer have to rush home to accommodate their needs causing you less stress.  Who dosen’t need less stress?

5 – TIME (the one thing we never seem to have enough of)

Our lives are BUSY, we often complain they are too busy, work, kids, meals, housework, gym, extra curricular activities and of course our beloved pets.

Some days especially weekdays it’s hard to do much more than let the dog(s) out in the backyard.    Getting a good walk in before getting to work in the morning can be a challenge and the end of the day it can be even more challenging as we rush home, pick up kids, make dinner, head for soccer,dance or or or or.    With a professional Dog Walker you know your dog is getting a least one good walk a day, freeing up your time for other things in your life.

Also what if you want to go to Wonderland for the day, to a family wedding, a Blue Jays game.  You are leaving at 3Pm and won’t be home till late?   Once you are in the system just call us up ahead of time with the visits you need and you and your family can enjoy QUALITY time together without worrying about Fido being alone, hungry and crossing his/her legs.

These are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy when you hire a professional Dog Walker, I will expand more on these and other benefits in future blog posts, in the meantime the benefits to you, your pet and your family should be clear.



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