Why Hiring A Professional York Pet Sitter Is Better For You and Your Pets

There are plenty of benefits to hiring a professional York pet sitter. We get it, it is easy to call up a friend and have them do you a quick favour. The question is though: will they provide the top-quality care that you give? Hiring a pet care provider has gained popularity among pet parents these days.  Here are four reasons why you can benefit from hiring a professional York pet sitter to care for your furbaby.


We Are Certified and Trained Professionals

Pet care professionals have taken the time to learn about the industry and educate themselves on the best pet care practices.  Certified pet care professional has to go through a series of tests and exams before becoming certified. This gives them the education and knowledge they need to act in all situations, including emergencies. Pet sitters are trained in pet CPR, they know how to administer medications, as well as deal with pets who have health issues such as seizures. 

Trained pet sitters and dog walkers know how to read animal behaviour.  They will pay attention to small changes in behaviour and will report to you immediately if something is wrong. 

This is Our Livelihood

When you choose to make money doing a job, you want to do the job right. We have dedicated our lives to taking care of pets since 2000. We are passionate about delivering top-notch care to all of our furry customers. 

Asking a friend to watch your pet for you can still be a good idea. Consider whether or not they have had pets before. If you have never owned a pet before, it is hard to understand the love and care that goes into taking care of one. Therefore, someone who hasn’t had that experience may not take it as seriously, and you don’t want to leave your pet alone with someone unless you will have the peace of mind knowing they are being properly cared for. 

Hiring A Professional York Pet Sitter Is Better For You and Your Pets


We Have Been In Business For Over 20 Years!

Being in business for a long time speaks volumes about the quality of the service we have provided and will continue to provide to our customers. York Professional has taken the time to learn about the industry and discover how we can continue to enhance our business and keep all of our customers happy. We have been serving the pets and the community of Newmarket/Aurora area since 2000, we have won the Readers’ Choice Award for best dog walking, pet care and customer service annually since 2011!

With our online portal and mobile app, we provide the best pet parent experience. The app allows you to view constant updates in real-time, communicate with our staff and access scheduling, 


We are Only Focused on Pet Care, Nothing Else

With pet sitting and dog walking being the only jobs we have at the moment, we can dedicate all of our time and energy to this. Working multiple jobs will certainly leave the average person exhausted. This can lead to mistakes or things being forgotten or overlooked because energy is being spent in different places. 

With pet care being our sole focus, we are able to really connect, bond and engage with your pet, and be intentional with our care. 

At York Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking, we continue to make things better and easier for all pet clients and their human loved ones. Does this blog have you convinced? Contact us today to inquire about services and how we can help you and your cat or dog!



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