What To Do If Your Pet Goes Missing In York, Ontario

Sadly, many pet owners don’t know what to do if their pet goes missing in the York region. We dedicated pet owners dread thinking about losing our pets and often don’t expect it to happen to us. The reality is that it only takes an instant for your pet to become separated from you. Luckily, we are coming to you with a guide on what to do if your pet goes missing in York so that you can reunite with them as soon as possible. 


Join a Lost Animal Page on Facebook 

Given how social media keeps us all connected, it is important to join local Facebook groups about pets that may be lost in the York area. The Facebook groups “Newmarket: What’s Happening” and “Aurora: What’s Happening” are great ones to follow. They are packed with people all over your area who can keep an eye out for your lost dog or cat. This is an easy way to get the word out about your lost pet so people in your area can keep an eye out. Many pets have been returned to their rightful owners because good samaritans are willing to contact owners and return their beloved pets home. 


Keep Your Phone Close By

It’s very likely that someone will try to contact you if you put up posts on social media about your lost dog or cat. Keep your phone handy. If you are unable to answer your phone right away, change your voicemail message to something like “If you have information about my lost pet, please leave your name and number so I can contact you immediately. Thank you so much.” You can also enlist a close friend or a family member to be a secondary contact for any information on your lost furbaby. 


Print Out Clear Pictures of Your Pet 

These days, it is common to have loads of pictures of our pets on our phones. If your pet goes missing in the York region, print out clear photos of them to put up in your neighbourhood. Don’t forget to include your contact information on the flyer. 


Call Local Shelters

You can also try contacting local animal shelters to see if your dog or cat was brought there by a good Samaritan. If your pet is microchipped, you will likely find them there. 


Keep Your Pets’ Microchip Information Up to Date 

Microchipping is a quick and painless procedure. A veterinarian can do it, or you can visit your local animal shelters when they hold microchip clinics! Having your pet microchipped is one of the best ways to ensure you can reunite with them if they ever become lost. 

The key to having your pet microchipped is to ensure you keep your information up to date. If you move or change your phone number, always update your information in the online database. This will ensure that your pet can be returned to you as soon as possible. If you are curious about the pros and cons of getting your pet microchipped, click here to review our blog!

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Don’t Chase The Pet 

If you spot your missing pet (or see another person’s missing one), do not chase them. Chasing a lost pet will only cause them to run away from you. Lost cats can run away quickly if they are too far from their territory. It is likely that they are afraid of their unfamiliar surroundings and will want to run away to protect themselves. Dogs will see chasing as a game, making it hard to catch them. Your best bet is to stay still and entice the pet to come to you. Keep treats with you at all times while you’re out searching for encouraging them to come near you. 


Don’t Leave Food Out

Leaving food outside is not the best idea since other animals or wildlife can eat it at night. Your pet may come back and eat it, but they can also disappear again. It is better to leave something outside with your scent on it. This can be a t-shirt, your pet’s favourite blanket or a bed. Having something with your scent lets your dog or cat know they are close to their familair environment. 


Lost Pet Prevention  

The best way to mitigate the issue of lost pets is to prevent it from happening. As we mentioned, it only takes a second for your pet to escape from you. Ensure your dog or cat isn’t close to your front or back door if you are opening it to let in a guest or pick up a package from outside. Keep your dogs leashed while you are out with them, and do not let them off their leash if you cannot trust them to stay close to you. Training your dog to have good recall is always important as well.  


We hope this blog provided insight on how to proceed if your pet goes missing in Aurora and Newmarket. We hope it is something that doesn’t happen to your precious furbaby. Following the steps above, like microchipping, can be crucial in ensuring you get your dog or cat back. Having a solid collar and name tag for your pet is also an excellent idea! Are you looking for a new one? Check out our blog post about the best pet product shops in Aurora and Newmarket. A local business we love to highlight is Wagz Wear. They make customized and extremely durable collars to suit your dog or cat. You can get their name, and your phone number etched into the collar. No more worrying about replacing their name tags! 




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