Vacation Care

Vacation Care for Dogs

For dogs, we come in a minimum of 3 times a day except for the day or departure and return.

We always visit 1st thing in the morning and the last thing at night, then whatever you feel is best for your pup in-between. Visits can be mixed and matched to suit your pets needs and your budget.

For example, you can request a longer visit at breakfast and dinnertime, and a shorter visit at bedtime.

Vacation Care for Cats, Rabbits, and all Other Creatures.

For most pets other than dogs one visit a day is sufficient.  That being said special dietary requirements, medication or just extra company may have you wanting more visits and that’s not a problem.  We want to make sure that you have peace of mind while you are away and that your pet is comfortable and happy at home.

All Vacation Care Pets

When we meet we discuss their routine and schedule their visits as close to routine as possible.  So if you normally walk them every morning and after dinner, that’s what we will do.  If you normally play with them in the backyard in the afternoon, that’s what we will do.

No need to drop your dog off anywhere or have the stress of saying good-bye or them stressed watching you walk away and leave them behind.  You just say good-bye as you normally would and we’ll be there to take care of them.

We go over everything in detail when we meet for our free consultation to find out everything we can about your pets, likes, fears, medications, eating habits, strange but cute quirks and routine so we are able to step in and make sure they get the best care when you are not there.

Home Care

Although your pets are our #1 priority we also take care of

  • Picking up mail,
  • Bringing in Newspapers and Flyers
  • Watering indoor and outdoor plants (within reason)
  • Take and bringing back from the curb garbage, recycle and green bin
  • Rotating lights and drapes if desired.
    All these help give your home that “lived in” look while you are away.

If you have any further questions please visit our FAQ page or fill out our contact form and we shall be happy to answer any of your questions.

Benefits to Your Pet

  • No travel trauma
  • Stay in the comfort of their own home with all the familiar sights, scents and sounds
  • Routine is not disrupted
  • Dogs get to walk in their own neighbourhood and play in their own backyard
  • Lots of TLC, belly rubs, chin scratches
  • Not kept up at night by other dogs barking or whimpering
  • Sleep in “their spot”
  • Food and medication kept to schedule.

Benefits to You

  • Peace of mind knowing your pet is safe and secure in their own environment.
  • Not drop of trauma
  • You don’t have to wait to pick them up, your pet will be waiting for you when you walk in the door no matter what time.
  • Your home will have the lived-in look
  • Plants watered, mail/papers/flyers brought in – lights and blinds rotated, all give your home the lived-in look
  • You will receive an email or text update immediately after each visit, so you can relax knowing your furry family members are safe, healthy and happy.

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