Are You Going To Eat All That? Our Top Five Favorite Pet Food Types!

Good nutrition is essential for all living things. A good diet can have tons of positive effects on your daily life, development, and overall health. What we feed our pets matters so we came up with a list of our top five favorite pet food types. The type of pet food diet and brand you select should have your pets feeling good, energized and satisfied. We explore our top five favorite pet food types we recommend for pets.


Why Good Nutrition is Important

The food we put in our bodies is important and is reflective of our daily performance and development. Our pets are no different, and their bodies and energy will reflect the food they eat. Nutrition has effects on their digestion, immunity, muscle tone, and overall health. The better we feed our pets, the stronger and healthier they will be. Here are some of the most popular forms of pet foods:



Dry Food 

Dry food, also known as kibble, is the most affordable and long-lasting pet food on the market. Depending on the brand and ingredients used, dry food can be nutritionally dense for your pets. Always be sure to read the ingredient list on your kibble to ensure that natural food and meat protein are the primary ingredients. Kibble with more by-products are generally less nutritious and brands you should avoid.

Not only can kibble be nutritionally satisfying, but it is also great for our pet’s teeth as the crunch helps reduce tartar buildup and cleans their teeth. 

Cats also have various kibble brands to select from; however, they are known to be more picky eaters, so even though this food can be nutritious, getting them to eat it might not be easy. Make sure you know your pet’s needs and satisfy their taste buds so they can get the most out of their kibble.


Are You Going To Eat All That? Our Top Five Favorite Pet Food Types!


Semi-Moist Food

Semi-moist food may come in more flavors; however, it is the least nutritious food type to feed our pets. This food type generally contains many more processes, artificial flavors and additives that make it an unfavorable option. Not only is it usually poor in quality, but it also does not have a long shelf life. Semi-moist food can work better as a treat rather than an actual diet for our pets. 


Wet Food

Wet food is a canned food that most cats and dogs enjoy. It is widely available in stores and has a long shelf life to store it for long periods. This food type also comes in a range of prices and ingredients, which is important to keep in mind. The pricier the canned food, generally the better quality it is. 

It is important to read the ingredient label for canned foods as they usually have high water content, which makes some not nutritionally complete for our pets. The ingredients and protein amount should give you a good indication of whether the brand of canned food is right for your pet. 


Are You Going To Eat All That? Our Top Five Favorite Pet Food Types!



Home-cooked meals are great for our pets, but they are the most expensive and time-consuming. Cooking your pet’s food will guarantee you know the ingredients they are eating and the nutritional value they are getting. Home-cooked meals are sure to be a hit with your cats or dogs, but they may not fit your lifestyle. If you are too busy to cook a fresh meal every day, this diet may not be suitable for you.


Raw Food

The raw food diet for pets is a food type that reflects our pet’s wild ancestors. Since cats and dogs are carnivores, they eat meat and protein, a primary ingredient in the raw food diet. Cats especially need meat as they are obligate carnivores

Although giving your pet raw food seems easy enough, the raw food diet can be pricier to prepare, and it does need to be prepared carefully. Raw food needs to be stored and served properly to avoid bacteria and diseases. This diet is also best for cats or dogs with stronger stomachs and no health issues. If your pet does have a weaker immune system, it may be best to stick to cooked food. Many raw food companies have a lot of great information on their website including cost calculators. Sometimes a good raw diet can cost about the same as a high quality kibble.  


Effects of Good Nutrition

Proper nutrition affects the development of our dogs or cats as they grow and age. Your pets will have a healthy physical and cognitive development if their growing bodies are met with a good diet. With proper nutrition, you will also notice a positive change in their overall health. Their appearance and energy levels are an indication of their health. An adequately nourished dog or cat has a shinier coat, is within their appropriate weight range and has the right amount of energy daily. If your dog or cat does not have adequate energy levels or a lackluster coat that you would like to brighten up, then you should speak to your vet about your pet’s diet. 


Good nutrition is vital in having good health. After reading about our top five favorite pet food types, ensure you have your pet on a solid diet that is good for them and works with your budget and lifestyle. If you are not sure about your pet’s nutritional needs, please talk to your veterinarian. 

Contact us if you would like to know about our experiences with various pet food types. If you are interested in our vacation care service and have a special diet for your pet that you would like us to follow, please let us know, and we’ll be happy to provide the best service for you and your pet!




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