Tips to help you clip, brush and trim your pet at home

As I write this we are in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic with all but non-essential business shut down.   Currently, that means humans and their pets are not getting their regular grooming and pampering.

I had the pleasure of interview Natalie, an experienced groomer from Paws In The Bath Aurora location.    Here is the interview and below are some quick take away points on brushing, clipping and trimming your pet till their favourite groomer opens it’s doors again.


The first few tips are the same ones that we talked about in nail trimming.

TIP 1 – 2 people if possible.   1 to feed treats, the other to work on the coat.

TIP 2 – If you can safely put on a raised tabletop they may stand still

TIP 3 –  Brush daily to avoid matting.

TIP 4 – Ideally have a comb with a wide end and a narrow end as well as a slicker brush.

TIP 5 – Use slicker brush first to go over entire coat.

TIP 6 – If you find a large mat, try using corn starch to rub into it to loosen it up.

TIP 7 – Use clipper with clip comb to guard against cutting skin.  Best not to use scissors on your dog at home.

TIP 8 – If for any reason you MUST use scissors, do not use kitchen scissors, go purchase scissors from a pet store with a rounded end and use a comb to pull the hair away from skin and guard the skin from the scissors.


*Paws in the bath does Professional full service grooming as well as “Do it yourself” grooming.  They have locations in Newmarket, Aurora, Keswick and in the Beaches.    You can find more video’s, information and book visits at




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