The Top Six Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Water

Summertime is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the warm weather with your furry friend. Whether you’re hitting the beach for a day of fun in the sun or taking a splash in the pool, keeping your dog safe while enjoying the great outdoors is important. 

Here are six ways to help keep your dog safe in the water this season. 


To Keep Your Dog Safe in The Water, Make Sure Your Dog is Comfortable in The Water

Before you decide to take a splash with your furry friend this summer, make sure they know how to swim first. Some dog breeds are natural-born swimmers, while others need a few lessons. Always take it slow when teaching your dog to swim. The water can appear scary at first, so make learning a positive experience for them. Always use lots of treats and praise once they get closer to the water and become more confident. 


Keep a Close Eye on Your Dogs When They’re Around Water

 Just like your children, you should never leave your dog unattended while in the water. Even if they are good swimmers, accidents can happen and happen fast. Your dog can always get distracted by something and lose their way. It is wise to keep an eye on them if other dogs and people are around too. To be extra safe, keep them on their regular 6-foot leash, or invest in a longer leash to give them more freedom while keeping them under control. 


Reinforce Basic Commands like “stay” and “come” to Better Control Their Behaviour Near Water

The last thing you need is your dog suddenly running off into the pool or the lake, and you don’t have time to catch them. Teaching them basic commands like “sit,” “stay,” or “come” will keep them under control while near the water. Teaching your dog these basic commands will be helpful in any situation! 

Six Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Water


Invest in a Life Jacket or Doggie Floatie For Extra Safety

Even if your dog is a good swimmer, investing in a life jacket or some safety flotation device is never a bad idea. This is wise, especially if you are swimming in unfamiliar waters. Ensure that the lifejacket is well fitted to your dog so they can move around comfortably. Your local pet care store will have lifejacket options available to you. Here is our blog about the best local pet product shops in the York Region.


If Your Dog Isn’t a Good Swimmer, Don’t Take Them to Deep Water or Areas With Strong Currents

Getting a good splash in shallow water will be enough to keep your dog cool this summer and thoroughly entertained. Don’t test your dogs’ swimming skills in deep waters where there may be currents and rapids. This is very dangerous for you AND your pup. If your pup doesn’t like the waves, don’t force them to go near them. 


Rinse Your Dog Off After Playing In The Water

Once your day of fun in the water is over, ensure you have a towel ready to dry off your dog. From the chlorine in your pool to the salt water and pollutants in the lake, you don’t want to risk your dog getting sick if he licks himself while still wet. In addition, some of these chemicals and pollutants can irritate your dogs’ skin. Giving them a nice bath once you get home will eliminate the unwanted irritants on your dogs’ skin. 

If your dog spends a lot of time in and out of the water, cleaning their ears consistently will also help mitigate any potential for ear infections. 

Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy the water with your furry friend, but it’s important to remember that dogs can drown just like people. Always make sure that your pup has an escape route when it’s time to get out of the water. Practice getting into and out of the water with them. Using stairs or a ramp at your swimming pool will make it easy for your dog to get out. 

Follow these simple tips to keep your dog safe in the water, and you can both have some fun swimming together. 

Have you ever gone swimming with your pup? Let us know in the comments!



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