The Scoop on Dog Poop: Six Things You Didn’t Know

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL POOPER SCOOPER WEEK! In this blog, we at York Professional Pet Sitting want to give you the scoop on dog poop. 

An important part of pet care includes cleaning up after your pet. Dogs don’t have the luxury of using the toilet when it’s time to potty. The outdoors and our environment is their place to do that. Picking up pet waste can positively impact the environment, water systems, and public health. 

Here are six reasons you need to pick up dog poop.

Dog Poop Is NOT Fertilizer 

Some pet owners don’t pick up their dogs’ waste because they think it will decompose and be good for the environment. Contrary to popular belief, pet waste is very toxic to the environment. Pet waste is high in nitrogen and bacteria. It is also very phosphorus and beyond the legal limits for what makes fertilizer effective. 

Dog Poop Is A Water Pollutant

Animal waste is an increasing problem in our water systems. By leaving pet waste on the ground, you risk polluting our water. When pet waste ends up in sewers or bodies of water, it releases harmful nutrients that encourage the growth of algae and weeds. This will cause water to become green, murky and eventually unsafe for swimming, boating and fishing. 

Polluted water is also very unsafe for us humans. By not picking up after your pet, you negatively contribute to water quality. 

Dog Stool is a Common Carrier of Unpleasant Substances.

Feces are expelled for a reason. The body can no longer hold onto the processed fluids, excess nutrients and food that is not digestible. 

Pet waste is contaminated with diseases and harmful bacteria that can affect your dogs’ health. Beware of heartworm, whipworm, hookworm, roundworm, parvovirus, giardia, salmonella and E. coli. If your pet comes into contact with infected feces, they can get sick.

If your dog tends to eat other dogs’ poop, keep a close eye on them to ensure they aren’t experiencing any odd symptoms. 

_Scoop on Dog Poop

It takes up to 12 months for poop to fully break down

If you leave your dogs’ poop on the ground, it doesn’t get swept away so easily by the elements. Dog feces take about a whole year to break down entirely. After the winter season ends, sometimes you will notice poop leftover on the ground. 

Since dogs are omnivores, their diet is full of plants and animal-based foods such as chicken and turkey. In other words, a dog’s diet is relatively high in protein. High protein diets mean that dog poop will take longer to decompose, making it a threat to the environment. The longer pet waste stays on the ground, the more likely it will be to wash away into our water systems and even be left over for other dogs to eat!

You Are Required By Law To Pick Up After Your Pet

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to clean up after your dog. If you are caught by law enforcement and are guilty of not picking up animal waste, you will receive a fine. If this becomes habitual, you risk receiving higher fines determined by the court. In Ontario, the average penalty for not cleaning up after your pet is $205. 

By not picking up poop, you leave the environment unsanitary for yourself and other neighbours. Nobody wants to walk around their local parks and suddenly step in dog poop. Be courteous to yourself and others! 


If Picking Up Dog Poop Is Not Your Thing, Hire a Dog Walker

Listen, we get it if scooping dog poop grosses you out! When you hire a professional dog walker, you can count on them to do the dirty work for you. Your pet will get much-needed exercise while you are away or at work, but they will also get to do their business outside. 

Professional dog walkers know the dangers of pet waste and will always follow local by-laws. 


Anywhere you walk your pet, there should be garbage cans available to you. Always walk with multiple poop bags when going out with your pet. You can even grab a poop bag holder to attach to your dog’s leash, so you always have a roll of poop bags available to you! This will be useful if your dog poops multiple times in one walk. 

You can also hire a local dog poop pick-up service to clean up your front and back yard!



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