The Best (and Worst) Things about Travelling with Dogs

Having a travel buddy always makes trips more fun! What makes a trip even more enjoyable, though? Bringing your dog along for the ride, of course! The sights, sounds, and smells of a new place are all just too much for them to resist. What pet parent wouldn’t love to take their furry friend on the road with them? It can be a lot of work as much fun as it is bringing your dog with you on new adventures. You must be aware of the pros and cons of travelling with dogs to prepare for your summer trips fully!


Pros of Travelling With Dogs


Traveling With Dogs Provides Companionship 

Solo trips can be fun, especially if you love getting lost in your music and enjoying the sights as you drive to your destination. However, travelling with your dog can take your road trip to the next level! Having your pet in the passenger seat enjoying the sights with you can make the journey much better. Your dog easily provides you companionship on trips, so you don’t feel so lonely on your journey. It also prevents you from missing them! You don’t have to think about and wonder how they’re doing without you since they will be right there! There are excellent pet care options for your dog if you can’t take them with you, such as boarding or hiring a professional pet sitter. 


Dogs are Often Welcome in Hotels and Places That Generally Don’t Allow Pets.

Depending on where you’re going, you can find pet-friendly accommodations for you and your pup. Plenty of hotels or even AirBnBs will allow you to have your pet with you every night! Ensure you properly clean up after them and dispose of waste in the appropriate places.  Make sure you check first, as many have a size or weight limits on dogs.  


You Can Easily Make New Friends!

If you have noticed that you are suddenly meeting tons of new people and dogs, it’s because your dog makes you more social! Finding common ground when meeting new people makes it easier to start a conversation with a stranger. You will instantly bond over your love for your pets and travel! While you’re out and about, you might meet your new best friend or future love through the power of puppies!

Best (and Worst) Things about Travelling with Dogs


Cons Of Travelling With Dogs 

Travelling With Dogs Can be A lot of Work

Depending on how you’re travelling, having your dog with you can be extra work. If you’re driving, you must make additional stops to allow your dog to use the bathroom every few hours. Also, they will get hungry and thirsty during the ride, so you have to make time to feed them and keep them comfortable. Invest in the proper supplies, such as collapsible food and water bowls, to save space in your bag. Not sure where to shop? Check out our blog post on the best pet product shops in the Aurora and Newmarket area!

Moving around to new environments can be stressful for your dogs as well. They won’t be in their familiar environments, and their schedules will be completely out the window. 

Dogs Can be Noisy and Disruptive in Public Places

If you are travelling through an airport, your dog may not be used to the noises and smells; therefore, they may want to bark, whine and howl. They may be disruptive in public places and unable to calm down until they are removed from the environment. 


Know Your Dog!

As much fun as it can be, not all dogs enjoy leaving the comfort of their home and travelling.  Of course, they want to be with you and the family, but car rides, strange places, crowds, and unfamiliar surroundings can get stressful.   You know your pets best, so take their personality, age, and needs into account as you plan.  


It Can Disrupt Your Plans

It sucks that we can’t bring our pets into every store and restaurant we go to. Travelling with your pet can limit your ability to enter certain places you want to go. For example, you can’t bring them into shopping malls, museums, the movies, or other indoor areas. Depending on where you are travelling, you may find a hotel or place to stay, but there are no or limited pet-friendly dining options.  When planning your trip make sure you research the whole area you are travelling to so you know if the places you want to go are pet friendly.  

So, is it worth it to travel with your furry friend? In our opinion, absolutely! They provide companionship and make the trip more fun. Plus, there are plenty of places where dogs are welcome, so you don’t have to leave them behind. 

Just be prepared for the downsides—like having to clean up their messes—and make sure you factor in all the associated costs. When you travel with pets, your accommodations may cost a bit more. Make sure you plan things well so you and your pet can enjoy a wonderful vacation together! 



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