The Four Best Affordable Spay and Neuter Clinics in Newmarket

February is Spay/Neuter Awareness Month, and as pet-lovers, it’s a cause we can ALL get behind. Spaying and neutering your pet is a necessary procedure to consider as a pet owner. We would love to tell you about the four best affordable spay and neuter clinics in Newmarket!

Spaying and neutering your dog is a safe and humane medical procedure that sterilizes your pet. It’s also a beneficial procedure that can have long term health benefits. 

While spaying and neutering your pets is great, it can still be a financially costly procedure to undergo. Many places offer this service at a discounted cost for the benefit of animals. This procedure is well worth the investment for your pet’s health. Here are some reasons why spaying and neutering your pet is beneficial, as well as some of the best affordable spay and neuter clinics in Newmarket. 


Benefits of Spaying and Neutering your Pet

Spaying or neutering your pets has a significant impact on the health of your pet. This very common procedure can not only prevent unwanted pregnancies and litters, but it can also increase your pet’s lifespan. This operation can significantly reduce the chances of cancers (of the mammary gland, ovarian and prostate cancers) and reduce the chances of infections of the uterine, ovary or prostate.  

In addition to medical benefits, this procedure also brings behavioural benefits to their everyday life. A spayed and neutered pet is less likely to misbehave due to its biological instincts. Females will also not go into heat, and males will be less aggressive in marking their territory. Spay and neutering will not solve all behavioural problems; however, they significantly decrease aggression, marking of territory, and advertising for males. 

Overall, spaying and neutering your pet is a long-term investment that will save you on potential unwanted vet bills. 

Four Best Affordable Spay and Neuter Clinics in Newmarket 

Affordable Spay and Neuter Clinics in Newmarket

Many vets and charities believe in the health benefits of spaying and neutering your pets. They offer affordable means to provide this service so that it can be accessible to anyone. Here are some affordable local spay and neuter places to consider in Newmarket. 

Hillside Vet

17095 Yonge Street, Newmarket, Ontario

Hillside Vet is another fair and affordable vet clinic for a spay, neuter, and other services. They strongly believe in being transparent with the customer and the charges for the services they provide. They list their services on their website that contain a detailed list of what the cost includes. Please contact them if you have any additional questions about the services they offer. 

Newmarket Animal Hospital

340 Eagle St. W, Newmarket, Ontario

The Newmarket Animal Hospital aims to provide the best care for all the patients that attend. Although they operate as an emergency hospital seven days a week, they also offer other services for our four-legged friends. The neutering and spaying services they provide are applicable to dogs, cats, and even rabbits! Contact them for more information. 


16586 Woodbine Ave, Newmarket, Ontario 

The Ontario SPCA and Humane Society are a well-known organization for helping people spay and neuter their pets at an affordable price. They do what is best for animals and seek to educate and help communities care for their pets and control animals’ stray populations. Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the spay and neuter services are closed for the time being. They do have waitlists available for pet owners to sign up for. Please contact them to register your pet on a waitlist or schedule an appointment for another service.


It’s Never Too Late to Book an Appointment

Although it’s recommended to spay or neuter your pet at a younger age, this operation can be completed when your pet has matured as well. These facilities care about your pet’s comfort and health and will ensure to provide the best quality of service at a reasonable cost. They will walk you through the process and ensure it will be easy for you, as well as your pet!

We are fortunate to know many excellent Veterinarian Clinics in our area. Those listed offer affordable price points; however, please contact us for a list of all Veterinarian Clinics in the area or are still hesitant about the procedure. We can also give advice and input about the topic based on our industry knowledge and the experiences we had with unaltered and altered pets while administering our services




  1. Amy

    Can you explain why, when it’s highly encouraged to spay or neuter my cat or dog, there are huge waitlists? When did this happen and why? Isn’t this a regular procedure that you want done to prevent dog/cat illnesses and unwanted pregnancies? I am genuinely curious. Thank you.

    • Morag Willcox

      That is an excellent question Amy. We are not a veterinary clinic but a lot of our clients are on wait lists for Spay Neuter clinics and I wish I could tell you why. The same issue does not seem to occur with people’s regular veterinarian but more so the actual Spay Neuter clinics. It is in my mind essential so there should not be that kind of wait. Thank you for reading. Morag

  2. Aiden

    Looking to get an Apple to get my cat neutered ASAP

    • Morag Willcox

      Hi Aidan, thanks for reaching out but we are not a veterinarian clinic, we a pet sitting and dog walking company. The blog post was for information purposes only :-). My suggestion is to Google vets closest to you and call them directly for quotes. Good luck!

  3. Susanna Ho

    Would like to know how much is to spay a puppy 6 months old, I live in Markham and the closest clinic near me. Thank you!

    • Morag Willcox

      Hi Susanna, thanks for reaching out but we are not a veterinarian clinic, we a pet sitting and dog walking company. The blog post was for information purposes only :-). My suggestion is to Google vets closest to you and call them directly for quotes. Good luck!

  4. Mumtaz Shah

    How much will it cost approximately for neutering an 11 month great dane of 94 kg.

    • Morag Willcox

      Hi Mumtaz, We are not a vet clinic, we are a dog walking and in home pet care company. This blog post is strictly for information purposes only :-). I suggest you contact the vets listed and get pricing information if you are in the area. All the best – Morag


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