Secure Online Scheduling System

In January 2011 we started using a secure online scheduling system specific to the pet care industry which has added many benefits for our clients, their pets and our team. Get started!



  • A secure (https) off-site server to ensure your information is safe and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • If my system crashes or the office catches on fire (oh please no) your information is still safe, secure and available.
  • Realtime updates from your pets caregiver via text or email – usually with photos.
  • You can book/cancel or change visits online at your convenience 24/7
  • You will receive confirmation of your visits along with an invoice once it has been approved it (usually within 1 business day)
  • When you receive the confirmation you will be reminded to check your file and make any changes that have occurred in your home information or pets care that you may otherwise forget to mention to us. Ensuring your pet’s information is always current.
  • The sitter assigned to you receives daily emails on their computer or smartphone with their daily schedule ensuring no visit is ever missed.
  • Even if your regular pet sitter gets sick, injured or is on vacation the team member covering for them will have access to all the information they need to ensure your pet gets the best possible care.
  • You can communicate directly with management or your pet care provider through the communications tab.
  • Full control over your invoices, simply click the invoice and pay directly from the software or mobile app.
  • PEACE OF MIND – knowing your pets have had their visit as scheduled and are happy and well cared for.



  • They can’t tell us if their food has been moved from the pantry to the cupboard under the sink – or if you’ve changed vets – but you can on the online system.
  • NO VISIT will be missed.
  • You have picked the times of visits to ensure that their routine is kept as close to normal as possible.
  • You get a cute photo of them wherever you are .. and they love it when you get a photo of them



Easy as one – two – three

*Videos Coming Soon*

Here are a few quick video’s to walk you through the different aspects of the software and online portal.

How to get started on the software

How to book visits on the software

How to pay an invoice(s) on the software

How to get started on the mobile app

How to book visits on the mobile app

How to pay an invoice(s) on the mobile app.

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