Pros & Cons To Getting Your Pet Microchipped

As loving pet owners, we can all agree that one of our biggest fears is our pets being unintentionally separated from us. This is something that no pet owner should ever go through.

If you lose your pet, your first instinct is to knock on neighbours’ doors asking if they have seen your pet, or put up flyers around your neighbourhood. 

One extremely helpful solution to have your pet reunited with you as soon as possible is having them microchipped. If you are unaware as to what a microchip is or why it’s important, then you are in the right place! We at York Professional Pet Sitting want to ensure that you have all the information you need as a pet parent to make informed decisions, especially those concerning your pets’ safety. 

Read on to discover the pros and cons of getting your pet microchipped so you can make the best decision for your pet. 


What is a microchip & where/how is it placed in pets?

A microchip is a small device that is about the size of a large grain of rice. It is used as an identification piece in case your dog gets lost and needs to be returned to you. This microchip is connected to your information: your phone number, address, name, etc. They do not actively transmit information. They sit passively in your dog until it is read by a microchip scanner.

A microchip is implanted into your dog under the loose skin between their shoulder blades. In order to ensure the correct placement of the microchip, your dog should either stand or lay on their stomach. The loose skin between their shoulder blades is gently pulled upwards, and the needle containing the microchip is inserted quickly. Once the trigger is squeezed, it will insert the microchip into your dog’s tissue. 


Pros Of Getting Your Pet Microchipped

The biggest pro of having your pet microchipped is that they can become reunited with you fairly easily if they ever get lost or run away. A microchip can be scanned at any veterinary office or animal clinic. Once scanned, your information will come up and will allow the pet care professionals to contact you immediately. 

Another big advantage of a microchip is that it cannot get lost. Unlike a collar that can get lost and come off along with any identification tags, a microchip is stuck inside your dog. 

A microchip also doesn’t need replacement. It will stay within your dog for their entire lifespan. The only changes that may need to be made are your information which can be updated online.    If the information is not updated when you move or change phone numbers it is no good. 

They also do not pose a risk to your dogs’ health. 

Cons To Getting Your Pet Microchipped


Cons Of Getting Your Pet Microchipped

There are a couple of cons to this process. Depending on your pet’s sensitivity level, they can experience a little bit of inflammation around the site where the microchip is implanted.

Some pet owners believe that a microchip doubles as a GPS tracking device but that isn’t the case. A microchip only contains your information when scanned by a veterinarian. 

Overall, the pros of microchipping your pet far outweigh the cons. 


Places To Get Your Pet Chipped in the York Region

Luckily, there are plenty of places in the York region where you can get your pet microchipped! It is as easy as booking an appointment for regular vaccines.  Many veterinarians will offer microchipping when they perform spay/neuter procedures so as your veterinarian.      

Almost all vets in the Newmarket/Aurora/Sharon and Holland Landing area offer microchips.   The OSPCA also offers Microchipping clinics several times a year.  

If your vet doesn’t have microchipping services advertised on their website, don’t be afraid to ask if it’s something they offer! They may also be able to give you recommendations for places they know that offer microchipping as well.

Every single year, one in three pets become lost and separated from their owners. Having your pet microchipped can reduce this statistic even further. We highly encourage you to take the step and book your appointment to have your pet chipped if you feel that this is the best solution for you and your pet. 



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