Preparing Your Dog For Back To School Season

It’s that time of the year again! As we prepare our children to go back to school, we can’t forget to help our pups with the transition as well. For almost 16 months, our dogs have been at home with us and have been used to our presence. With children learning virtually as well, our dogs have undoubtedly been content with having their whole family around. 

Now it’s back to school. It will be quiet, lots of sitting by the door or staring out the window and waiting for someone to come and visit. When the kids are home, it’s off to finishing homework and after-school activities. Quite a change from the summer of fun that your pup was enjoying.

This blog will help outline some things you can do to help your dog get through the back-to-school doggie blues. Preparing your dog for back to school season can be a tough transition for some dogs, but we are here to help you make things as smooth as possible. 


Beat The Back To School Blues By Preparing Your Pup Early

It can be a bit of a shock to your dog to go from having everyone around one minute to everyone being gone the next. These changes should occur gradually so your dog can ease into it and prevent issues like separation anxiety. A couple of weeks before school starts, practice leaving your dog alone a few times per day, so they begin to understand that you will be coming and going. Eventually, they will associate you going with something positive. Do not make your departures a big deal, as that can cause your dog to become anxious. When you leave and come back, you should always remain calm and feed your dog a high-value treat. 


Keep Your Dog Mentally Stimulated During The Day

Our dogs shouldn’t sit around and sleep all day. With the family gone all day, your dog is prone to boredom and could even become depressed through the lack of interaction. You can invest in a Furbo to surprise your dog with treats randomly during the day. This will also allow you to keep an eye on your pup while you’re out. You can also hide treats around the house so your dog can activate their instincts to sniff and search! You may also leave them a snuffle mat with some goodies hidden in the flaps and folds, or hide some treats in an old t-shirt or blanket for your dog to find. 

Preparing Your Dog For Back To School Season (

Hire A Pet Sitter Or Dog Walker

Hiring a professional dog walker or pet care provider is a wonderful way to give your four-legged friend a mid-day break. Taking a 15-20 minute walk during the day can allow your dog to stretch their legs and get some much-needed stimulation while being outside! It is also an excellent opportunity for them to relieve themselves.

Having a pet care provider stop by your home also allows your dog to stay where they are most comfortable. Doggy daycares are also a great option that we will explore below, but not all dogs are suited for that environment. They can become overstimulated, and might be better off with the one-on-one attention they can get from a dog walker or pet sitter.  Since 2000, we have been visiting people’s homes mid-day, giving your pet that physical and mental stimulation they need. We don’t skip out on the treats, cuddles, and TLC. We can customize all visits to suit your pets’ individual needs, and all visits give your pup the one of one attention they need and deserve.

Enroll Your Dog In Doggy Daycare!

Sending your dog to doggy daycare is a fantastic way to curb their boredom and give them something fun to do during the day! Dogs are social creatures. They love to interact and be around other people and dogs. Daycare will keep your dog busy and stimulated during the day, so they stay happy and active. 

Lack of physical exercise can cause joint issues and weight problems and cause your pup to be more prone to injury when they get out and walk because they have been so sedentary during the day.

Lack of mental stimulation can cause similar problems to separation anxiety. Even a dog that has never chewed in his life may take up this new habit to keep himself busy while the family is gone. That is why having them in daycare where they are supervised and given plenty of love and activities can benefit them. 

See the video below for some information on beating the back-to-school doggy blues. We are here for you and your pups at York Profession Pet Sitting & Dog Walking.



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