Pawsitive Love: Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Your Furry Friend in the Newmarket/Aurora Area

When Valentine’s Day approaches, we’re surrounded by hearts and flowers, a reminder to show our affection for those nearest and dearest to our hearts. Among those cherished ones are often the pets that grace our lives with wagging tails, calming purrs, and companionship that speaks in silent volumes of love. They too, deserve to be celebrated on this day of love. In this post, we’re going to explore whimsical and heartwarming ways to express our adoration for our furry family members this Valentine’s Day. From tail-wag-worthy treats to memory-making experiences, let’s make this Valentine’s Day extra special for you and your pet.

DIY Treats:

Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a homemade treat, crafted with care and tailored for those four-legged foodies. Why not spend some time in the kitchen whipping up some nutritious and delicious goodies? For your canine companions, try peanut butter biscuits with a healthy twist – think whole wheat flour, oats, and that dog-approved staple, peanut butter. For cats, indulge their carnivorous cravings with some homemade tuna hearts, using fresh tuna and a bit of cat-safe cheese. And let’s not forget our feathered and small furry friends – a special mix of seeds and pet-safe fruits can make their Valentine’s Day just as sweet.

Pet-Friendly Date Ideas:

Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to switch up your routine and create new memories.  February is not a great time to have a picnic at the park with your furry friend, you can take a special trip and wander up Main Street Newmarket and stop in at some of the pet friendly shops like Good Vibes on Main for a special treat – they have a section at the back called Kody’s Corner with all kinds of wonderful edible and playable dog treats.    Or take them to the dog friendly Market Brewing for a special “date night”.   Or you can create an obstacle course for your pet, organise a treasure hunt with toys or treats, or simply enjoy a snuggle-fest with your best fur friend and their favorite flick. The bond you share is sure to deepen with these loving activities.

One thing we have done with our pup is signed up for some fun classes at Unified K9 Behaviour in Newmarket   He has done all his puppy classes and thoroughly enjoyed their trick class earning his Novice Trick Title.  Now he is doing “Intro to Sports”  where he is trying his paws at Rally Obedience, Scenting, Agility and Hoppers to see which one we both connect with most.     So much fun for both of us and keeps him mentally stimulated through the cold winter months when it’s hard to get outside.     What better gift than time and togetherness.

As we wrap up our tail-wagging list of ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with our pets, let’s remember that the most important gift we can give them is our time and attention. Try out these suggestions and we would love to know how you made the day special for your furry family members.



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