Magnificent Mutts: Five Reasons Why Mutts Are PAW-some

All dogs, no matter what shape, size or breed, are beautiful and lovely companions. We are all familiar with purebreds and mixed breeds, but what about mutts? If you think those fancy purebreds have something going for them, then you have another thing coming. Mutts are PAW-some, and have a lot to offer!

There’s something inherently lovable and endearing about mutts. Want to know five reasons why Mutts are PAW-some? Keep reading this blog!


Mutts are PAW-Some Because They Live Longer!

No pet parent wants to think about the possibility of losing their beloved pet. Bigger dogs tend to live about eight to ten years, while smaller dogs can live up to 16 years! Each dog breed has its own potential set of health issues that may come about. Mutts actually tend to live longer because there is no inbreeding involved. Mutts are less likely to develop undesirable hereditary traits as well as serious genetic disorders. This phenomenon is known as hybrid vigor. All this means is that due to a mutts richer genetic pool, they are stronger, and generally live longer than a purebred dog.


Mutts Tend To Be More Healthy

As mentioned above, mutts tend to be more healthy because of their rich genetic pool. Compared to inbred dogs, mutts have fewer health issues than their purebred counterparts. Since purebred dogs share the same genes, this causes them to all look the same. This also means that the predisposition for certain diseased gets passed down as well. For example, Beagles and Labrador Retrievers are more prone to epilepsy. Pomeranians are more susceptible to tracheal collapse. Doesn’t this automatically mean that your purebred dog will develop these diseases or health issues? Definitely not. Whether your dog is a mutt or a purebred, their overall health really depends on the care you provide them. A mutts list of health issues is just shorter than a regular purebred or mixed pup. 


Mutts Are More Affordable

One of the reasons why pet parents decide not to take the plunge and add a lovely furbaby to their family is due to the upfront cost of a pup. Compared to purebred dogs, mutts tend to be cheaper when you obtain them from your local animal shelter. Since mutts cost less upfront, this means you have a whole lot of extra cash to spoil your new fur baby! Once you get them on the right diet and get them through their first set of vet visits, they will be ready to enter their forever home. Since mutts have fewer health issues, that means fewer trips to the veterinarian as well. 

_Mutts 5 Reasons Why Mutts Are PAW-some


Mutts Are As Unique As Dogs Can Get 

With dogs like Labs or Golden Retrievers, we already have a sense of what their temperament and personality might be like. Since mutts are so unique with their quirks and personalities you never know what you will get with your pup! No two mutts are ever the same. I guess you can say, this dog is a bit of a wild card! You know when you obtain a mutt, you are truly getting a unique pup as a lifelong companion.

The Majority of Mutts Come Housetrained 

Many mixed breed dogs that end up at shelters did belong to someone before they got there. Because of this, many mixed breed shelter dogs come already potty and housetrained. Having a dog that already knows basic obedience can definitely help make the transition a little easier. Of course, you can also consult a professional dog trainer if you need help reinforcing basic commands, or if you want to challenge your dog more and have them learn new tricks. 

Need we say more? So, if you don’t already own a mutt, the next dog you adopt or purchase HAS to be a mixed breed. You can thank us later. Mutts are PAW-some animals and definitely underrated.  If you need help with dog walks during the day, for your precious fur baby, let us know! York Professional Pet Sitting is here to help. 



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