Key Control

Providing you and your pets with reliable service is our #1 priority. In order to do this, having reliable access to your home is imperaitive.

For all clients, who don’t have keyless entry, we require the use of a lockbox. 

There are many benefits to purchasing your own lock box:
If the dog walker/Pet Care Provider assigned to your care for your pet has an emergency (flat tire, illness, family emergency etc) another team member will be able to easily access your home.
You also will have the code so if you happen to lock yourself out, you can use the lockbox as well! 
Do your kids always seem to lose keys? No more

A friend, family member, cleaning lady or contractor needs to pop over, you can give them the code.   No need to have keys floating around all over the place. 

We often work as a team on longer trips, and the lockbox removes the unnecessary risk of “key swaps”  between team members.

It keeps costs down. With rising costs, it keeps costs down when team members do not have to travel to and from the office picking up and dropping off keys.

A good lock box is durable and reliable over the years and can easily be hung inconspicuously on a railing, among other options. 

This system ensures that in almost any circumstance or unforeseen event, we can have a sitter at your home for your pets with access to care for them on-site.

Change the code at anytime you want, if you don’t want someone to have access to it anymore. 

Still have questions or wondering about and best practices - check out our FAQ below on lock boxes.

You can purchase your own – they range in price from $20 – $100. Here are a few that we recommend that can quickly be purchased on Amazon. Home Depot, Lowes and Gamble Lock at Leslie and Davis also have good options. If you choose not to purchase a lock box, we will use our own and only team members of York Professional Pet Sitting will have access to the code.

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Option #1

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Option #2

No matter what happens in this crazy world, our priority is to be able to get in and care for your pet in a timely manner.

BACK – UP – Sadly nothing is perfect and things can happen even with electronic locks and lock boxes, so it is important that one of your emergency contacts who lives locally has a key – Just in case.    We HAVE to get in and care for your pet.   Until such time as they grow opposable thumbs and can open the door for us, we need to take all measures 🙂 

Lockbox FAQ

What code should I set?
If you have purchased your own lock box it’s completely up to you. Once you decide on the best code for you and your family just remember to put it in your client file. If we are using our lock box, we will set the code and only team members assigned to the visit will have access to it.
If you use your lockbox how do I get the code?

Sorry, if you choose not to purchase your own lockbox the code for our lockbox will not be given to you.   

Who will know the combination to my lockbox?

Only York Professional Pet Sitting Management and anyone scheduled to care for your pets will have access to the code.  It is stored in our encrypted secure system.

Other than on my door knob, where can I put my lockbox?

There are many options for placement of a lockbox – side door, railing, fencing, inside mailbox, in BBQ etc. Just make sure that it can be accessed without moving things out the way or if knee-deep in snow. 

Do they freeze in the winter?

No, they should not. We always recommend taking precautions if it’s placed where it could get wet or the wind may get it and freeze up the buttons or rollers.

Should I put anything else in the lock box?

NO – please do not. We recommend not even putting a key chain on the key as too much crammed in could jam the lock.  

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