Key Control

Providing you and your pets with reliable service is our #1 priority.  In order to do this having reliable access to your home is imperative.

Best Option

The first and most reliable option is to get a Lock Box. The lockbox does not HAVE to go on your front door. It can go on a railing, fence, shed or even be left hidden under something.

Benefits of a Lockbox

Your key is in your control

It can be used by you if you get locked out

If you move you can take the lockbox with you

In case of emergency, you can provide the code to family or friends to enter.    Or you can change the code if you don’t want them to have access anymore.

Next best option | Electronic Locks or Garage Entrance

Electronic locks are wonderful, most will allow you to customize a code just for us and if you feel more comfortable you can delete it once we are finished the service.

The garage entrance is also good, quick and easy, no key required.

Another option | Provide us with 2 sets of keys.

Yes TWO, service will not be provided without 2 sets of keys.

The keys are tagged securely in our key system, with no information on them that indicates your name or address.    

One key is picked up by your pets primary caregiver and stays securely with them for the duration of the visits. The other key is kept securely in our armed and monitored office in case of emergency.

What Kind of Emergency?

  • Pet Sitter was rear-ended and the keys were locked in the centre console.   The console was “squished” in the accident and couldn’t be opened right away.
  • Pet sitter was in an accident and the car was towed away with keys inside.  Had to wait to get access to the key.
  • Illness or injury of your regular sitter and we can give a key to the person stepping in.
  • Your regular dog walker has gone out of town for the weekend and secured the regular client keys in their home, but the client needs a last minute weekend visit.
  • The sitter accidentally locks the keys in the home while out with your pet.
  • We have never lost a key, however, it is a possibility as we are only human.
  • Us having 2 keys have also helped our clients when they are locked out of the house … .we will meet you at your house and let you in.

No matter what happens in this crazy world, our priority is to be able to get in and care for your pet in a timely manner.

PLEASE NOTE – Even with a lockbox or garage code access an emergency key kept in the office is mandatory. Technology can go wrong and mother nature also sometimes causes problems, Lockboxes can freeze in the dead of a Canadian Winter, power outages or dead batteries in electronic locks and garage door openers won’t allow us to enter to care for your pet. If you require your keys returned after visits are done, we are happy to do so, however, if we have to come and pick up again for future visits there will be a charge to cover our time and gas.  

That being said, even with a lock box we still need one back up key for the office.  Why???

Because nothing is perfect and because we HAVE to be able to get into your home to take care of your beloved fur client.

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