How To Introduce Halloween Costumes To Your Aurora and Newmarket Pets!

We don’t know about you, but we’re already anticipating the eeriness of Halloween night!

Not only that but we’re excited to see the outrageous costumes. What’s better than getting all fun and seasonal with your pet?

While costumes can be great for taking pictures and creating memories, this is certainly a tall order for your pet. Some pets may love their costumes, while others will have a harder time tolerating them. Pets are not born and bred to wear clothes or silly Halloween costumes. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t find a way to introduce Halloween costumes to your Aurora and Newmarket pets to get them comfortable and ready for Halloween night. 

In this blog, we will outline some steps you can take to ensure you and your family have the best possible Halloween costume experience with your pets! 

Choose Your Halloween Costumes Wisely

No matter what your dogs or cats are doing, they need to be able to be comfortable and move around freely. Try not to pick a costume that will restrict movement, or prevent them from having things like their paws and tails exposed. Most costumes for pets are designed to be wrapped around the body of your pet which usually allows for your pet’s limbs to be exposed. If you are going to make your pet a costume yourself, then consider that they need to be able to move around freely in it. 


Gradually Introduce Halloween Costumes To Your Aurora and Newmarket Pets

It is super tempting to rush home from the pet supply store and have your fur baby try on their new Halloween costume! Who doesn’t want to see their dog or cat dressed up as a little pumpkin? We have to keep in mind that our pets are not used to wearing clothes year-round like we are, so it will be a bit of a process to introduce them to their costume.  First, lay it out on the floor so they can explore it a little. You can also feed them their favourite treats while they get to know their costume.  Depending on how your dog or cat reacts to the costume, you can slowly try to dress them up. Don’t forget to reward them with those treats! If there is any resistance at all, stop the process and give them a break. 

Introduce Halloween Costumes To Your Aurora and Newmarket pets!

Don’t Keep Their Costumes On For Too Long!

We may be open to keeping our fabulous costumes on all night, but our pets might not share the same enthusiasm. As mentioned above, if your pet seems uncomfortable wearing their costume, then take it off immediately. Since clothing adds an extra layer on top of your dogs’ fur that is already meant to keep them warm, there is potential for your dog to overheat! Some pets might not mind wearing their costumes, especially if they have shorter hair. In that case, a costume is a great way to keep them warm, especially if they will be out trick or treating with you. 

We know you will do your best to make Halloween a fun and enjoyable night for you and your furry friends. Don’t expect to just put a costume on your pet and have him like it. It might take some time for some dogs or cats to like their costumes. Don’t force it if he doesn’t want to wear it either! 

Not all pets will be willing to participate in the Halloween frights and festivities and that’s okay! We are here to help you with your pet sitting needs. If you need us to look after your pet while you’re out trick or treating, check out our services page and contact us for more information!



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