How to Give Your Pup a Happy Life!

Having a pet in your life is a joyful experience. They bring unconditional love, laughs, and memories to last a lifetime. Like humans, dogs need constant maintenance to ensure that they can live a long, happy, healthy life. It is up to us as owners to provide a balanced healthy life for our pups by providing fresh air, long walks, and getting them on the right diet!

If you are looking for some tips on how to give your pup a happy life, then look no further than this blog! We will outline four important things you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your dog.


1) Give your pup a happy life with a good diet 


Like humans, dogs are what they eat! You should always want your family to be eating as healthy as possible, and that should include your pup! High-quality dog food can be a huge factor in their overall health. Different dogs will have different dietary needs. Some may be better with kibble, while others might prefer to feed their dogs’ raw food.

Another factor to consider is your dogs’ current life stage. Puppies need more nutrients since they grow fast. However, dogs in their adulthood may require a stable amount of nutrients to continue maintaining their good health. 

Whether you’re a new pet parent or you’re looking to revamp your dogs’ diet, always ensure that you do your research on different types of dog food. If it’s important to you to feed your dog high-quality food with locally sourced ingredients, then be sure to do your research on your breed since all breeds will have different dietary needs and appetites! 


2) Get them spayed or neutered. 


Pets that are spayed and neutered can help control the pet population. There are too many homeless pets in shelters and not enough people to adopt them. Getting your dog spayed or neutered can help control pets’ overpopulation, ensuring each dog can receive a loving home.

From a health perspective, this procedure can assist in preventing cancers in both male and female dogs. Spaying females can help prevent breast cancer, pyometra, or infection of the uterus. Neutering males can help prevent testicular cancer, prostate disease, and hernias. 

If you have obtained a new puppy, be sure to make your appointment at an affordable spay and neuter clinic in Newmarket

to Give Your Pup a Happy Life!

3) Regular Exercise 


If you have a dog breed that is prone to being overweight, you need to ensure you have a regular exercise plan for your dog so they can get some mental stimulation and potty breaks. Take advantage of your local walking trails, dog parks, and get social! Dogs are naturally social creatures, and they like to make friends.  If they have a few favourite dogs in the neighbourhood, make a regular playdate safely in their yards or at the dog park.  Keeping fit mentally and physically reduces the chances of destructive behaviour. 

Regular walks can double as mini-training sessions too! If you have a dog that pulls on its leash, going for walks is the best time to teach them proper leash manners.

We all live busy day to day lives. If you need help with taking your dog on regular walks, you should consider hiring a dog walker.

4) Regular vet visits 


In addition to regular exercise, scheduling regular vet visits will help you nip any illness or disease in the bud. If you have a new puppy, ensuring they have the proper vaccines such as rabies, DHPP, and Leptospirosis as soon as they are eligible will help ward off any illnesses. Their immune systems are weak when they’re younger, so giving them the best chance to grow and develop will set them up for a healthy life.

Other common treatments for your pets include flea and tick medication and heartworm medication to guard your dog against infected mosquitos. 


Giving your pup a happy, healthy life starts with you. While there are technical things that need to be done to maintain your dogs’ overall health, ensuring that you keep your bond with the strong and consistent will help your dog be happy. After all, we are their entire worlds! 



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