How to Choose The Right Pet For Your Family

Lots of us think about adding new or additional pets to our family. But you must ask yourself if you know how to choose the right pet for your family. If you have been thinking about adding a furry addition to your family, it can be an exciting time! People love having pets around because they add another level of joy and excitement to your life. Pets give you a reason to get up in the morning and start your day! 

If you are a new pet parent or looking to add a pet to your family, it is important to determine which pet is best for your family.

Keep reading for crucial factors to consider when you are ready to choose the right pet for your family. 


Number of People at Home

Do you live alone? Do you have a family of six? Do you already have pets in the household? You must consider whether your new dog or cat will be comfortable with all members of your home. For example, children can be loud and rowdy, which might not work well with an older dog. In contrast, puppies may enjoy the excitement of having kids around to grow up with. 


House Size

Since cats don’t get super big, they may do well with any sized home. However, if you live in a small apartment and are interested in getting a big dog like a Husky or German Shepherd, this might not work out too well for them unless you have the time to go outside with them often during the day. You must ensure that your dog has enough space to move around and have an area of their own. You should have room for a bed or a crate for your dog to rest and relax. If the weather is terrible and you need to exercise your dog indoors, consider whether you have enough room for that. 


Garden Size

Your dog needs somewhere to do its business and have potty breaks. If you do not have a garden and you live in a building, consider if you will be able to take your dog in and out for them to get a nice walk and potty break every day. 

Choose The Right Pet For Your Family


Your Daily Free Time

We all live such busy lives nowadays. We have commitments, hobbies, children, work, and families. Before choosing the right pet for your family, you must know that having a pet will require a lot of your time and energy. Before you choose the right pet for your family,  think about whether or not a dog or cat would suit your lifestyle the best. 

Cats are more independent creatures and can look after themselves for most of the day. While they still need love, attention, and regular grooming and vet visits, they may be suitable for busy people who love companionship after a long day at work. 

A puppy cannot be left alone for long since they love getting into everything. They need training, and you must consider if you have the time to put in the work with them. A busy person might not do so well with a puppy who requires lots of attention. 


The Relationship You Want to Have With Your Pet

Forming a strong bond and relationship with your pet should be something you consider before adopting. Developing a relationship takes time and patience. Your dog or cat needs to build up trust with you as they start their new life with you. Do you have the emotional capacity to provide the love and care a pet needs? 


How Active You Are

Do you love being outside? Do you enjoy going for hikes or runs? Having a very high-energy dog would fit your lifestyle perfectly if you are super active. A Husky or Golden Retriever would be great for someone adventurous. 

If you live a more sedentary lifestyle and don’t like being outside every day, having a kitty to cuddle up to every day would be better for you.

Alternatively, if you do have a dog but don’t have time to go outside every day, you can always hire a dog walker! We work with all of our clients to devise a schedule that works best for you and your dog! 

How to Choose The Right Pet For Your Family


How Much Money You Can Spend On Your Pet

Let’s face it; pets are not cheap! Not only is getting a pet an emotional commitment but there is also a financial commitment that comes with pet ownership. Be sure you can afford to take care of a pet, to begin with. If you determine that you are financially stable enough for this, decide which sized pet you think would be best for you and your family. The bigger the pet, the more expensive things are, from pet food to pet supplies. 

If you are thinking about having multiple pets, that will also drive up the cost. Another thing to consider when you choose the right pet for your family is whether the pet has any current medical issues and which types of medical problems they may be susceptible to. Medical issues can be breed-specific so do your research to learn more. 


 How Much You Know About Pets

How knowledgeable are you about cats and dogs? 

It is an excellent idea to research cats and dogs before you go out and get a pet. You should look into different breeds because not all dogs and cats are alike. Even two dogs of the same breed can have vastly different personalities. Therefore, you must equip yourself with some knowledge of different breeds to better understand what to expect. Talk to other pet parents about their experiences as well. People that have gone through pet ownership can provide some great insight. 

The last thing you want is to bring a dog or cat home and return them to wherever you got them because things are not what you expected. Trying to choose the right pet for you and your family might take a lot of time and thinking. Use the points above to guide you when making a decision. 

In general, the following dog breeds make excellent family pets:

  • Labradors
  • Bulldogs
  • Beagle
  • Pug
  • Collie

In addition, here are some cat breeds that make great family pets:

  • Siamese
  • Maine Coon
  • Manx
  • Ragdoll 
  • Blue Russian

Please contact us if you have any questions about anything! We are always here for you and your pets every day. 



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