How to be the best pet parent in 2020

Some New Years resolutions you can make this year to ensure your pet has as long, happy, healthy and safe life as possible.   Life is busy and seems to get busier, sometimes even though our intentions are great, life just gets in the way.

A few reminders to make you the awesome pet parent we know you are and keep your furry family member safe, happy and healthy.

1)  Make sure your pet has the proper ID on ALWAYS.    Many options out there but consider a lovely ID collar from our friends at Wagz Wear with your pet’s name and your cell phone number.    Consider adding some reflective tape so it is easily seen in the dark as well.

Wagz Wear


As a backup also make sure your pet is microchip and MOST importantly make sure that the information on the microchip is up to date.

2)  Ensure a safe backyard for your pets to play in.  During the windy, winter months objects can fly into your backyard and be dangerous to your pet, items outside can blow over and break making a safe backyard very unsafe.  Gates can blow open, fencing get knocked over.     Regular safety checks are important to ensure your pets safety.

3)  Have your pet (yes indoor cats too) seen by a vet once a year for an annual physical.    I know it can be expensive and a pain to go, but preventive medicine will help your pet live a longer and happier life.    Like people if something can be picked up and treated early there is a better chance of survival.   If you have a pet that hates going to the vet, have a mobile vet come in and visit your pet in its on secure environment.

4) Ensure your pet has the best food possible.   Don’t just follow blindly what you are told by your breeder, vet, neighbours, or the friend at work.    Research yourself, read labels, understand what you are putting in your pets body.

5)   Avoid obesity in your pet.   Like people and overweight pet is an unhealthy pet and your are not only reducing their quality of life but also their lifespan.   For your pet to lose weight you don’t have to put them on a strict diet, you just have to make sure the food is good, the right amount, healthy treats and more exercise.

6) Emergencies happen and when the family is in a panic to take care of loved ones our pets are often an afterthought and/or a scramble to get taken care of.   Hire a Professional Pet Sitting company.   It should cost you nothing to have a meet and greet and be set up in their system till you need them.   Hopefully you never will but if you do a quick click of the button and that will be one worry off your mind.

Wishing everyone a very safe, happy and healthy year ahead.

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