How Much Does a Dog Walker Cost in the Newmarket/Aurora area?

Staying healthy and active is important for both humans and our canine companions. However, busy schedules sometimes make it difficult to fit in daily walks and exercise for dogs and leave us feeling guilty that we have not provided them with the exercise they need to be physically and mentally happy.

While hiring a professional dog walker helps ensure your pup stays fit while you’re busy with work and other commitments, it’s natural to wonder about the associated costs.

While it may be tempting to save a few dollars by asking a friend or neighbour to walk your dog , there are good reasons why many people choose to hire professional dog walking services.

Dog walking rates in the Newmarket/Aurora area will vary based on a number of factors to consider when choosing a service.

Individual Dog Walkers: Dog walkers working independently might charge less as they lack the overheads associated with larger companies. Services that involve group dog walks in parks also offer reduced per-dog rates compared to one-on-one services.

Hobby Dog Walkers: Typically, those who walk dogs to fill spare time will charge less due to limited working hours and absence of overhead expenses. However, they might lack backup options, insurance,  proper training or know how to recognize and handle an emergency.

A Professional dog walking company with employees will generally charge on the upper end of the scale.  This is because they will have high overhead costs such as insurance, training, pet 1st Aid certification, continuing education, supplies, payroll deductions and much more.

There are some professional Dog Walking companies that do not have Employee’s but have chosen to have Independent Contractors (IC’s) instead. They are able to charge slightly lower as they are really just providing clients to the IC, rather than working for a company. They are not allowed to provide IC’s with training or supplies and the IC’s bill the company.

Rover is a breed of its own.   For those of you that have not heard of Rover they are the equivalent of Uber for dog walkers. Rover is an American company which operates an online marketplace for people to buy and sell pet care services including pet sitting, dog boarding, and dog walking. The individuals set their own prices and can vary considerably.

It is also important as you compare services and prices that you compare apples to apples. Some companies if it’s 2 dogs it’s the price x2. Others will have a reduced rate for the 2nd. Some companies have a surcharge for evening visits or weekend visits. Some charge extra for feeding or medication, oh we actually know of one that charged for car washes because it was a new construction area! It is important that you are aware of all the extra charges you may incur.

Shop carefully, this is part of your family you are trusting someone with.   Yes, we all have budgets but your choices should not be totally drive by the cost.

Peace of mind is priceless.

Below is a rough guide for 2023 Dog Walking Services in the Newmarket/Aurora area.

Price Range for Dog Walkers in NewmarketAurora Area 2023


  • 15 minute Puppy Potty Break $12 – $30
  • Private 30 minute visit – $20 – $33
  • Private 45 minute visit $25 – $38
  • Private 1 hour visit $30 – $45
  • Group walks/hike $20 – $40

Some additional fee’s that some independents or companies may charge for.

  • Additional dog fee – $2 – $10 – full price of service some charge double rate.
  • Medication add on – $2 – $15
  • Weekend or evening surcharge $4 – $15
  • Out of area fee can vary from a KM fee – flat rate per time

I hope this helps, if you ever have any questions feel free to comment or reach out.




  1. Tracy

    Love this! Thanks Morag 🙂

    • Morag Willcox

      Glad you found it useful Tracy, with so many options out there it’s great to have as much info as possible!

  2. Kim

    I have a very friendly bernadoodle 4 yrs old.
    Unfortunately I have fractured my back and I am unable to walk him.
    Just wondering what your cost would be ?
    I had to move into my moms in Newmarket by fairy lake, not sure if you service this area.

    • Morag Willcox

      Hi Kim, So very sorry to hear about your back. I have responded via email, if you do not see it now please check junk/spam folder.

      All the best in your recovery.


  3. Cheryl Rooney

    I checked out Rover just to get a idea on how it works. It doesn’t take much to join Rover as a walker/sitter etc. I believe their screening is limited to Police checks only. So unless there is a charge/conviction the screening is pretty limiting. Not a service that would appeal to me anyway. Best to go with a licensed/insured company for peace of mind.

    • Morag Willcox

      Thanks Cheryl, Yes, you are correct re Rover. They are also not accountable to anyone but themselves and no back-up if they can’t do visits. We get last minute calls weekly because who they thought they had secured backed out and in some cases just never showed up.


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