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Don’t Void Your Home Insurance

Many insurance policies now state that the home must be checked once per day. We had a case of a client coming to us recently asking for home visits as during the winter their furnace had gone off, their pipes had burst causing extensive water damage. The insurance would not cover it as nobody had been checking on the home.

This is just one reason for having someone check on your home while you are away.

Trust our Team of Professionals

Our team of Professional Pet Care providers, have all undergone a police check and will check on your home to ensure that the furnace or air conditioner are working, check the basement for signs or water leaking, check windows, door and the exterior for signs of damage, mischief or security compromises.

Many clients also request that we flush their toilets and turn on water taps in order to prevent water damage or ring build up. Some also will have us turn up the air or heat the day before they arrive home to save energy while they are away yet will come home to a comfortable temperature.

The “Lived-in” Look

It is also important while you are away to give your home that “lived in look” in order to deter potential mischief. We will pick up newspaper and flyers from the front porch, pick up the mail (no need to pay the post office to hold it), water indoor and outdoor plants and gardens, alternate lights and blinds, take out and bring in the garbage, recycling, and green bins.

All these little things will make appear that someone is at home and deter possible break-ins and comply with insurance policy guidelines.

Like our other services, this service is customized to your individual needs.

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