Health Risks for Overweight Pets

A dog that sleeps all day with just being let out into the back yard before you rush off to your day and a walk at night is at risk of becoming overweight and getting severe health issues some of which may include.


Diabetes Mellitus (Sugar Diabetes)

Obesity causes an increase in the secretion of insulin which could cause your dog to have diabetes and you giving regular insulin shots.


Damage to joints, bones, and ligaments.

Including Arthritis, Hip dysplasia, problems with the knee ligaments and joints from lack of movement and the extra weight they are carrying putting stress on the joints.

Some people think only large dogs need exercise, but a few extra pounds on a small dog can cause issues like a slipped disc which had been very painful and debilitating.


Heart disease and increased blood pressure.

As in humans, overweight dogs tend to have increased blood pressure (hypertension) which can lead to congestive heart failure.


Difficulty breathing

The additional fat in the chest cavity restricts the expansion of the lungs.


Decreased stamina.

Carrying extra weight takes a lot more work for the heart, muscles and respiratory system to work, which causes tiredness.


Heat intolerance.

Excess fat on a hot summer day can make your dog miserable and unable to regulate their body temperature.


Decreased liver function

The liver stores fat so when a dog has access fat it builds up in their liver which can result in decreased liver function


Digestive problems.

An overweight dog has an increased risk of developing constipation, intestinal gas, and flatulence.


Decreased immune system

Your pet will have less resistance to viral and bacterial infections such as Canine distemper and salmonella infections.


Decreased quality and length of life.

It is clear from the above list that an overweight pet has more chance of health issues than a dog at its ideal weight. They may become more irritable due to being hot, in pain or simply uncomfortable – yet, of course, they cannot tell us this.


It is up to us, the people who brought them into our lives to make sure they receive the proper diet and exercise to keep them happy and in great shape to live long and happy lives with their 2 legged families. Their lives are much too short to start with let’s do everything in our power to keep them with us as long as possible. This may mean more walks, cutting out some of their much-loved treats, but they will thank you in the end.

Please feel free to ask us how we can help keep your pet healthy and happy.  Something as simple as an extra walk and brain break in the day can make a huge difference.



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