Five Tips for Transitioning Your Dog’s Schedule Back to a School Schedule

Now that the summer holidays are over, it’s time to switch your dog’s schedule to the back-to-school schedule. Are you struggling to get your dog back to accept the changes? The back-to-school season can be challenging for parents and children but also tricky for pets. Dogs, in particular, may struggle with the sudden change in routine when their owners return to work and school. 

Thankfully, it’s not difficult to adjust your dog’s schedule and get them back into the swing of things. Be patient and consistent. This post will discuss five tips for switching your dog’s schedule back to a school schedule. 


Slowly Adjust Your Dog’s Schedule a Few Weeks Before School Starts.

When you need to change your dog’s schedule, it’s essential to do it gradually. Sudden changes in your dogs’ routine can make them anxious, a secondary problem you don’t want to deal with while trying to adjust everyone’s schedule. Getting a head start on changing your pup’s schedule will make the transition easier once the first day of school comes around. 

If anxiety does become a concern, you can try things like playing soothing music, supplements, a thundershirt, or extra exercise and playtime. 

Wake Up Earlier to Take Your Dog for Walks or Runs in the Morning.

During the summer, we tend to sleep in and take our dogs out a little later than usual. Once school starts, you probably have to get up a little earlier to take your dog out and get your kids ready for school. If getting up super early isn’t your cup of tea, our York Professional dog walkers are ready to take those early morning strolls with your pup – saving you time in the morning! 

If waking up earlier means your dog will go longer without another potty break, it may be wise to set up a second potty break for your dog with your dog walker. This will help reduce accidents in your home, especially if you have a new puppy.


Take Advantage of Any Extra Time You Have to Play With Your Dog.

While the kids are at school, don’t forget to play with and interact with your dog. If you work from home,  take breaks and play with your dog for a few minutes. You could also give them a toy to interact with or a bully stick to chew on. If you work outside of the home, hiring a dog walker can help give your dog some much-needed interaction during the day. The last thing you want is for your dog to get bored and start entertaining themselves with your belongings.

Five Tips for Transitioning Your Dog's Schedule Back to a School

Continue to Feed Your Dog Regularly

Keep your dog as close to their regular feeding schedule as possible. Depending on your schedule, you can determine the appropriate times your dog needs to be fed and how often. If you have to break up their meals into smaller portions during the day, you can do that and provide them with treats to keep their bellies happy! Keeping your dog properly fed will make the transition easier as they must always have enough food to eat and water to drink.

If breaking up their meals is something you must do, be sure to start that early. Your dog will need time to adjust to a new feeding schedule. 


Be Prepared for Some Initial Adjustment Problems

Be patient with any changes that come into your dogs’ lives. Some pups might not readily accept change. You know your dog best, so be sure you adjust things in a way that will make your dog comfortable. 

Don’t be upset with your pup if they make a mistake or they don’t cooperate with you during this transition time. Getting used to a new routine can be difficult. 

As the back-to-school season approaches, many pet owners wonder how to get their furry friends back on a regular schedule. Just like children, dogs can find it difficult to adjust when their normal routine changes. But don’t worry – follow these tips, and with a little effort, you and your pup can ease smoothly into the new school year. 

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