Five Rainy Day Essentials for Walking Your Pup

We all know the saying, April showers bring May flowers. The rain is coming, and it’s only a matter of time before it pours every day. Some of our pups love the water, but some of our furry friends cannot stand getting wet. For our dogs that don’t like getting wet, or if you want to reduce the mess of walking in the rain, check out these five rainy day essentials for walking your pup! 


Rain Coats

Raincoats can not only be fashionable for our dogs; they will ultimately keep them dry. Depending on the coat of your dog, a coat will not only keep your dog dry but will also keep your dog warm. There are tons of places to purchase dog coats. You can buy dog coats from a local business or choose from a range of sorts online. Not all dogs can tolerate jackets, so be sure to find the right one for them or consider other forms of rain gear.



To keep your dog’s paws dry, invest in some comfortable booties for your dog. Investing in some good fitting booties will reduce the amount of cleaning you’ll have after your walks! There are tons of options for boots online and in stores. There are rubber booties and waterproof materials that will keep your dog’s paws dry and warm. Be sure to do your research and try multiple options to determine which one is the best for your dog. 


Umbrellas with Leashes

Umbrellas are a great accessory on a rainy day for humans, and these days they make an excellent accessory for our dogs. The umbrella leash is a great invention and a rainy day essential to walk your pup with. These leashes are a great alternative for keeping your dog dry, especially if they do not like to wear a coat. They may take some getting used to walking around with an umbrella hovering above them, but if your pup doesn’t like getting wet, then they’ll quickly get accustomed to this option. With a coat and with this leash, your dog will be unstoppable and protected from the rain.


Five Rainy Day Essentials for Walking Your Pup


High Visibility

Walking in the rain with cloudy skies can make things darker during the day. The rain can also cause fog, and a heavy downpour can make seeing difficult. For walks in the rain or paths without sidewalks, invest in high visibility wear for you and your pup. Various high visibility products can be purchased for your dog online or in stores. Leashes, coats, and harnesses can be purchased with bright colours or lights so that you and your pup can be seen in the dark. A high visibility item will have you noticed and keep you safe! 



A towel is a rainy day essential for walking your pup! There are tons of towels available online and in local stores. Depending on your dog’s size and the mess they make, there is a towel designed for your needs. If your dog likes to jump in puddles while walking, it might be best to bring a towel along for the walk. This will reduce the mess when you get home. 

Having a towel ready when you get home will ensure your dog won’t run off, making a mess throughout the house. 


The rain shouldn’t be a factor that prevents us from enjoying the outdoors. With the rainy season coming, we can prepare ourselves and our dogs for the walks ahead. These five rainy day essentials for walking your pup will help you prepare for any rainy walks in your future. Rain or shine, our dogs will be happy to be outdoors with their best friend. 

If you don’t like walking in the rain, contact us for our dog walking services, and we’ll be happy to take your pup out on your behalf!



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  1. Jimmy

    Umbrellas with leashes is what I need!! It’s been raining a lot lately in Toronto and as a new pet owner I’m still trying to adjust to where my dog is comfortable and so am I, I’m going to recommend this to others, thank you for this list!!


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