Dog Breeds That Stay Small Forever

Who doesn’t love a small dog? With their short legs and cute faces, they’re simply irresistible! We know quite a few paw-rents who just LOVE small dog breeds. They’re endearing little companions who are purrfect for homes with limited space. They are the perfect cuddle companions when you’re watching a movie, or just relaxing after a long day.

We want to outline five amazing dog breeds that stay small forever! Big things do come in small packages, and these dog breeds are no exception. 


These adorable fluffy balls come packed with a lot of fur, and even more personality! This dog breed originated in Poland and gets its name from the Pomerania region in northwest Poland. This dog breed usually has a life expectancy of 12 – 16 years. They come in at weighing about three to seven pounds and stand at a tall (and intimidating) six to seven inches. 

Pomeranians make great family dogs because they are affectionate and very loving. Poms are described as playful, intelligent, friendly, sociable and very active. They can be well exercised with indoor play and short walks. They make amazing companions and have a watchdog/protective nature. 

This dog breed is wonderful if you have children or other dogs at home. They are adaptable to their surroundings and eager to spend time with their special human. 



Chihuahuas are one of the smallest dog breeds in the world. Named after the Mexican state Chihuahua, these dogs love the sunshine! They are graceful, charming and sassy! They are expected to live between 14 and 16 years, and stand at a maximum height of eight inches and do not exceed six pounds. 

Since these dogs are prone to reactivity especially around people and scenarios they aren’t familiar with, they do require some training if you don’t want them to run your household! It is important to expose your little chihuahua to as many places and people as possible so they do not become fearful and aggressive. 

Overall, these dogs do well in single-family households. It is not necessarily recommended to these dogs around children. Since children can be rowdy and playful, a chihuahua might mistake that as a threat and might want to react aggressively. They are the happiest when they can cuddle with their owners, and get lots of attention. Take special care of them during cold weather since they do not have a lot of body fat to keep them warm in the fall and winter. You can visit your local pet shops to find cute winter gear to dress your pup for winter survival. 

Breeds That Stay Small Forever

 Yorkshire Terrier 

Yorkies are among some of the cutest dog breeds out there. They are the smallest of the terrier-type breed. This tiny pup developed during the 19th century in Yorkshire, English – hence where they get the name from!

These dogs make great family pets, as they are loving, devoted to their owners and very affectionate. They are so great with children and make the perfect lap dogs!  The lifespan of Yorkshire Terriers falls between 11 and 15 years. They’re no taller than eight inches, and weigh in at a maximum of 7 pounds. 

While this dog is small, it can come packed with plenty of attitude. While they can be feisty, they are also tenacious and very brave. If you have an allergy to dog hair, then a Yorkie will be perfect for you. Their coats are more like human hair rather than dog hair so this makes them hypoallergenic. Routine trips to the groomers will help keep their coats in good shapeYorkies love to run and play. Given their small size they will do well with indoor play, brain games and walks with their favourite human. 



A papillon is known for its distinct butterfly-like look (papillon is French for “butterfly”) created by its long fringed hair on the ears. These dogs are sure to brighten your day with their happy, energetic and friendly temperament. This beautiful breed has an average height of eight to eleven inches and can weigh between five and ten pounds. Their life expectancy is between 14 and 16 years

Papillons are highly trainable dogs as they are eager to please their owners. They have a lot of energy and require plenty of mental stimulation. This can be achieved through exercise, games, and interactions with their human companion. They do tend to be very vocal as well so if barking is something you aren’t fond of, this might not be the right small dog for you. 


Brussels Griffon

Originating from Brussels, Belgium, this tiny dog has a face that you won’t forget. They measure at about seven to ten inches tall, weigh about eight to ten pounds, and have a life expectancy of 12 to15 years! These cute pups love their families and are good with other dogs. Since they are quite gentle and sensitive, they may not do well with rough play with children. 

A Brussels Griffon is very alert, easily trained, and highly social. These dogs are also described as being comically self-important as well. We can’t blame them for wanting to be the stars of the show! They are very intelligent and highly trainable. They will bond strongly with their owners, so ensure they will be well behaved and well-mannered. 

A half an hour of moderate exercise each day will keep your Brussels Griffon very content. They love doing activities with their owners so be sure to take some time for plenty of games of fetch!

Don’t you wish your dog could stay a cute little pup until the end of time? Well, each one of these small dog breeds will grow up BUT remain their adorable puppy size. Keep in mind that we are talking about purebred dog breeds. The size of these breeds is subject to change if they are mixed with other bigger breeds. While in general, these dog breeds are small, they can still come in different shapes and sizes. The life span of the dog also depends on you as an owner providing high-quality care, feeding high-quality food, and meeting all their physical needs. 

We want to be there to help you meet your pets’ needs if you ever need assistance. Check out our services page to see how we can provide you with high-quality pet care today!

Which one is your favourite? Tell us in the comment section.



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  1. Hayley Phelps

    Of you want a beautiful tiny dog look no further than the Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka. A gorgeous breed


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