Covid-19 Operational Update

Here we are in the midst of the global Covid-19 pandemic and things have changed.   We have been an essential service since the pandemic started so feel that we have mastered the art of sanitizing.

We want to assure you that we are following all the local, provincial and federal guidelines that have been set out to ensure our clients, team members and community stay safe.


What our company and our team are doing to keep you and our community safe.

We are fully stocked on Disinfectant wipes (Clorox and Lysol), Government approved hand sanitizer, gloves, masks and extra leashes.  Management has taken courses through Pet Sitters International (PSI) – The world’s leading educational organization for professional pet sitters since 1994. These courses include COVID 19 Certification as well as Health, Sanitization and Safety for Professional Pet Sitters.   This information has been passed onto our team and they have been educated on the correct methods and protocols in order to continue safe operations to protect our clients, their homes, themselves and our community.


In your home

Currently, we are working on minimum touch in clients’ homes and everything that is touched is thoroughly wiped down with a fresh disinfectant wipe.   If the leash is not right at the front door, we use our own sanitized leash.    When the leash is returned it is fully disinfected.   If your dog does not require fresh water or treats, we will not give at this time unless requested to, reduce contact.  If you do wish your dog to get a treat and their water bowl refreshed we are happy to do so and again will sanitize everything we come in contact with.   If possible please keep everything we may need close to the entry door.   For example, towel, water bowl, treats etc.

You will find a new icon on the “report card” you get from your pet care provider that says “Sanitize” so you know that everything that has been touched has been sanitized.

Many of our clients are home right now and we are still walking their dog.    We ask that you stay at a safe distance of a minimum of 6 feet, but please do not feel the need to come out and say hi, we are happy with a wave or call out from another room.   If there is anything you wish to communicate with us, please feel free to use the communication tool in the app or online portal.

We will not allow your furry family member to meet other dogs on walks in order to keep social distancing in place.



Current clients

If you are already set up in the system please log in and make sure your file is accurate and up to date.   You can either book the visits yourself in the system or if you can prefer you can send us a message in the conversation feed and we are happy to book the visits for you.   If you have not used our service for a while, please let us know if you have changed your lock so we can arrange for a contactless pick up of your new keys.

If there are any special requests or instructions please put it in the visit note, or send a message through the system.


New Customers Ready To Book

Currently, for everyone’s safety, we are providing virtual meet and greets on the zoom platform.    Yes, we still need to meet your pet, but the bulk of the typical meet and greet and paperwork can be done over a zoom call so you do not need to be inconvenienced or concerned about someone in your home.

Once the meet and greet is complete on zoom we are happy to set up visits for you.   When we swing by to pick up your keys we would love to have you bring your pup out front or into the backyard on a minimum 6-foot leash so we can meet them and ensure they are as happy with us as we are with them.     We can even go on a social distance walk with you both so they can demonstrate all their little quirks to us.


If there are any extra measures you would like us to do that will give you peace of mind, please don’t hesitate to ask.   
We want to make sure you feel safe and comfortable with the service we provide.


Links to COVID Resources as of May 29th, 2020


Town of Newmarket Covid 19, information and updatesGuidance on Health and Safety for Veterinary Services (Pet Groomers / Dog Walkers / Pet Boarding / Animal Care Providers) during COVID-19


Town of Aurora Covid 19, information and updates


Town of East Gwillimbury Covid 19 – information and updates


Province of Ontario – Covid 19 information and updates


Canada Public Health – Covid 19 FAQ


NOTE:   As you know the COVID 19 pandemic is rapidly evolving and changing.  We keep updated and informed with  local, provincial and federal government changes.     As we get new information and protocols our team is informed as soon as possible to implement changes.



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