Confessions of Sitters and Dog Walkers at York Professional Pet Sitting

We LOVE and adore your pets and want to thank you for trusting us to spend time with them.

At York Professional Pet Sitting, we love what we do. Whether our customers have two legs or four, we ensure that everyone is happy no matter what! Since 2000, we have had many satisfied customers. 

While you know we are crazy about your pets; there may be a few things we have kept from you… Here are three confessions of sitters and dog walkers at York Professional! 


Our devices are full of pictures of your pets. Maybe even more than our own pets.

Let’s face it, everyone loves taking pictures, and our pets make the perfect models. Natural light is always the best light to take photos anyways, so dog walks can easily double as photoshoots! When the light is hitting them just right, accentuating their best features, it’s hard to resist capturing the moment! There are so many pretty flowers blooming during the summer months, making excellent backgrounds for some cute snapshots.

Luckily, we live in an era where technology makes it easy for us to save our photos for a lifetime. Taking pictures of your pet is great since we can send them to our customers via our Time to Pet app! You can get these photos in real-time to see how your dogs’ visit went while you’re away. 


We talk to your pets constantly. 

Out of all of the confessions of sitters and dog walkers, this is the biggest one. Believe it or not, your pets love when you talk to them! Like babies, our puppies love it when we use that high-pitched baby voice. Research shows that our dogs like it most when we speak to them using dog-directed speech. Essentially this means that we alter our speech, using shorter and simpler sentences and the classic high-pitched voice. 

So when you say things like: “Who’s a good boy?” and “Do you want to go for a walk?” dogs much prefer that as opposed to hearing a boring sentence like “I went grocery shopping today” spoken in a flatter tone. 

Even if your dogs don’t understand exactly what we are saying, we still like to ask about their weekend or how their day is going! Overall, our pups can pick up on our positive tone of voice, so they know we are just as excited as they are!

Confessions of Sitters and Dog Walkers at York Professional


We know your dog’s fur-iends and fur-nemies in the neighbourhood.

Over time, our pet sitters have gotten to know other dogs in the neighbourhood. After a while, we know which ones are good with your dog and which ones aren’t. We go out of our way to avoid the homes and areas where there may be other dogs that your dog isn’t fond of. 

Your dogs’ safety is of the utmost importance to us, so we take all precautions necessary to make your dogs’ visits as comfortable and fun as possible. 

We’d avoid neighbor two because Fido will bark at us. In addition, we slow down at neighbour four because your dog likes to check out Rocco’s backyard.

So there you have it. The confessions of sitters and dog walkers. In a nutshell, we can agree we’re pet-obsessed sitters/dog walkers in the York Region. Your dog gave us a paw? You can guarantee that we will snap a photo and share it all over social media! Tail’s wagging after our walk? You bet we’re going to brag about it too! 

It brings us great joy to look after your pets every day. If you have considered pet sitting, but aren’t sure about how to proceed or what we do, contact us for a consultation so we can walk you through the steps we take to give top-quality pet care every day!



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