Celebrate Pet Mom’s Day in Aurora and Newmarket!

Mothers of all kinds need to be celebrated this month! While we have experienced a lot over the last year, we deserve to take advantage of all the positives that come our way. Whether you have a two-legged or four-legged baby, Saturday, May 8th, is Pet Mom’s Day, and you deserve to celebrate! You deserve to feel appreciation for all the love and support you provide to your fur babies every single day.

You and your pets deserve some pampering and fun for your special day. If you need some ideas about how to celebrate, we got you covered with ideas on how to observe Pet Mom’s Day!

Celebrate Pet Mom’s Day By Taking a Walk!

There is nothing better than going out for a nice walk to get some fresh air in the morning or afternoon with your pup. Go out to a local trail or dog park in the Newmarket or Aurora area so your dog can smell all the smells, and you can enjoy some sun on your skin. Your dog should be enjoying daily dog walks already. For Pet Mom’s Day, dress them up in their best collar or add a bandana around their neck for a cute touch! 

Give yourself, and your pet a PAWdicure

If it’s time to give your pet a nail trim, don’t forget to turn the attention to yourself afterwards! After trimming your dogs’ nails, or your kitties claws to perfection, get out your best nail polish and give yourself a little at-home manicure! If you would like to add nail polish to your dogs’ nails, just ensure that it is pet safe! Never put human nail polish on a dog. 

Bring your pet to your local pet store for some supplies and treats!

If your local pet supply store in Newmarket or Aurora allows in-store shopping, bring your furry loved one with you so they can sniff out their favourite treats! Cat moms, grab your kitty a new scratching post for her to enjoy, or dogs moms, grab some extra chew treats for your dog. If you cannot shop in-store, you can always order your supplies online. Take your dog for a ride in the car to the pet store to pick up your products!

Pet Mom's Day in Aurora and Newmarket!

Watch a tail-wagging good movie together 

While we are still under strict stay-at-home orders due to the covid-19 pandemic, why not relax and curl up on the couch and watch your favourite movie or tv show for pet mom’s day. There are classic films such as Air Bud, and newer ones such as “A Dog’s Purpose” and “A Dog’s Way Home”. If you need a musical fix, “Cats” is sure to bring you all the entertainment you need at home. Regardless of what you watch, your pets will enjoy spending time with you.

Bake some yummy treats for you and your pet!

Spend Pet Mom’s Day by baking up a storm! You can make some yummy treats for yourself and your pup that contain very few ingredients. Most importantly, these treats are safe and healthy for your fur kid. 

To all the pet moms out there in Newmarket and Aurora, we are so proud of you! Being a pet mom is not an easy task at all. It takes a lot of time, patience, and love to get to where you want to be with your pets. Building that solid relationship with your dog or cat is so rewarding. 

If you are a pet mom who has taken the time to raise your fur kids, we see you, and you are amazing! If you ever need help with dog walks during the day, or cat care when your schedule gets busy, York Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking is here to help! Check out our services page and don’t forget to book your meet and greet!



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