Can dogs catch my cold?

I’m sick 😦 Stuffed up with a really lousy head cold!!! No, I am not telling you this to get sympathy, though a little wouldn’t hurt.   I was concerned about staff with colds going out to visit some clients wondering if dogs could catch a cold.

Of course, we are careful,  we sneeze into the crick of our elbows, we wash our hands,  carry hand sanitizer in our kits, don’t shake hands, try to avoid door knobs etc but you know what it’s like.  Sometimes these sneezes just pop out of the blue and there is barely time to move. So, I did some research and you will be happy to know that dogs CANNOT catch a cold from a human or any other type of creature 4 or 2 legged. Dogs can ONLY catch colds from other dogs.

So if you are sick let your dog snuggle up with you, your pup won’t get sick but they will provide you with great comfort as they lay by your side and watch over you.

Now the flu – that is a completely different story.     Stay tuned!



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