Benefits of Daily Dog Walks in Newmarket

If you might have skipped some dog walks over the winter, we don't blame you! It is hard as some pet parents are more sensitive to the cold, and most of us enjoy warmer weather anyways. While we are still fighting through this coronavirus pandemic, most of us have...

The Benefits of Daily Dog Walking

Essential Dog Behaviours

Just as humans come in all shapes and sizes, so do dogs! Apart from physical features that set us perfectly apart, we all have our unique personalities, likes and dislikes, and plenty of other attributes that make us who we are. While dogs also come in many...

Essential Dog Behaviours

How to Give Your Pup a Happy Life!

Having a pet in your life is a joyful experience. They bring unconditional love, laughs, and memories to last a lifetime. Like humans, dogs need constant maintenance to ensure that they can live a long, happy, healthy life. It is up to us as owners to provide a...

How to Give Your Pup a Happy Life!

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