A patio treat for your pet

We all enjoy sitting on the patio on a glorious summer day and enjoying a nice refreshing drink and some snacks. Don’t leave Fido out of the fun.    Make this simple and fun treat for them. Take a Tupperware/Rubbermaid or similar container (size does not matter) Fill...

The Benefits of Daily Dog Walking

Benefits for Your Dog Mental and physical stimulation reduces boredom and creates happier healthier dogs Less joint issues as they are not laying around all day. A chance to relieve themselves Fresh water in a clean bowl Reduce stress and separation anxiety Treats at...

Health Risks for Overweight Pets

A dog that sleeps all day with just being let out into the back yard before you rush off to your day and a walk at night is at risk of becoming overweight and getting severe health issues some of which may include.   Diabetes Mellitus (Sugar Diabetes) Obesity...

Is Your Pet Overweight?

These few easy steps and the chart below are a good way to tell you if your pet is at its ideal weight or if you need to make some adjustments to their exercise routine and diet. Step 1 – Stand over your pet viewing the back. Look for a nice curved indentation in the...

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