Benefits of Pumpkin For Your Aurora and Newmarket Pet

It’s that time of year again where pumpkin-spiced everything has hit all coffee shops and bakeries. Who says your pet has to miss out on all the pumpkin fun? 

Pumpkin contains fibre which can serve as a prebiotic for good bacteria to grow in the gut. Pumpkin is also suitable for treating upset stomachs and settling issues with diarrhea. If you have never considered giving your dog or cat pumpkin as part of their diet, we will help break down some benefits of pumpkin for your Aurora and Newmarket pets.

Please do not mistake pumpkin pie filling for pure pumpkin. Read all labels carefully. 

Pie filling contains other ingredients like nutmeg and extra sugar, which are not good for your pets. If you want to be on the safe side, you can always buy a whole pumpkin from your local grocery store and prepare it yourself


Pumpkin Adds Hydration To Your Pet’s Diet

Staying hydrated daily is vital for overall health. As we get into the colder months, your pets still need an ample amount of water intake. Most pets are not as eager as we are to drink plenty of water during the day, so it’s up to us to make sure we provide them with extra moisture to their diet. Lucky, pumpkin does just the trick! Pumpkin contains high moisture content, so it makes the perfect addition to your dog’s diet. 


Benefits of Pumpkin For Digestion

We have all had to deal with our cats and dogs having digestive issues from time to time. It’s not fun trying to figure out ways to help them feel better, primarily since they can’t communicate with us about exactly what’s going on. Luckily, you can always turn to pumpkin to help sort that out for them. If you notice that your pet has trouble passing their stool or their stool is quite hard, you can add some pumpkin to their diet to help their digestive system move things along. Pumpkins contain a lot of fibre which is necessary for keeping their bowel movements regular. On the flip side, if your pet has loose stools or diarrhea, pumpkin can also restore your cat or dogs’ stool to its normal consistency. 

Pumpkin For Your Aurora and Newmarket Pet

Pumpkin Helps With Weight Loss

If your pet is a little on the chubby side, then pumpkin may be a great way to help aid in their weight loss journey. Most of us don’t like the idea of having to feed our pets less food even if it means the weight loss will be good for them. Luckily, pumpkin is full of fibre and moisture, which will help keep your dog feeling full for much longer. No more guilt about having them skip a meal! This natural weight loss solution is an excellent choice if your dog or cat needs to shed a few pounds. As always, consult your veterinarian about changing anything in your pet’s diet for additional guidance. 


Pumpkin Helps Maintain Your Pets’ Skin and Coat

Your pets’ skin and coat are their outer protective layer, and we need to maintain it as best as we can. We can do this with outside treatments such as bathing them with a moisturizing shampoo, brushing them regularly, and getting them groomed every few weeks. Just like us, their skin and fur coats need to be maintained from the inside out as well! Pumpkin has plenty of vitamin A and zinc, which help keep healthy skin and healthy coats. 


To sum up, you can eliminate the guilt of enjoying all the pumpkin flavoured treats by including your pet in the autumn fun with this amazing superfood! 

If you want your dog or cat to reap all the benefits of pumpkin, you can feed them about 1 tsp of canned (or cooked and pureed) pumpkin per 10 lbs of body weight per day.  As a general rule, treats (including fruits and vegetables) should never exceed 10% of your pet’s daily caloric needs.

If you ever want us to feed your pet a tasty pumpkin treat while you’re away, let us know! We are here for you for all of your pet sitting needs. Contact us today for more information on how we can customize a pet sitting plan for your beloved fur baby. 



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