Beat the Heat in the Newmarket/Aurora area: Innovative Ways to Keep Your Furry Friends Cool This Summer

As the summer heat waves sweep across Newmarket, Aurora and our area this week it’s not just us humans who feel the scorching effects, but our beloved pets as well. While we can easily seek refuge in air-conditioned spaces or enjoy a cooling ice pop, our furry friends may not have the same luxury. The soaring temperatures can pose serious health risks for them, including dehydration and heatstroke – a potentially life-threatening condition. As responsible and loving pet owners, it’s crucial that we find creative ways to help our pets keep cool during these sweltering summer months.


1. DIY Cooling Solutions for Pets:

Cooling mats can be purchased but you can also create DIY cooling mats as an affordable and effective way to provide instant relief to your pets. Simply wrap ice packs or frozen water bottles in a soft towel and place them in your pet’s favorite lounging spot. The cold will slowly seep through the towel, offering a cool and refreshing surface for them to lie on. For added comfort, you could also place the wrapped ice packs inside a pillowcase for a more soothing experience.


2. Kiddie Pools and Sprinklers – Fun in the Sun:

Why should kids have all the fun? Set up a kiddie pool or sprinkler system in your backyard specifically designed for your four-legged friends. This will not only help them cool down, but also provide them with hours of entertainment. Ensure the water in the pool is shallow enough for your pet to wade in safely, and always supervise them to prevent any accidents. Additionally, running through sprinklers is a fantastic way for dogs to expend energy and stay refreshed in the summer heat.


3. Cooling Vests and Bandanas – A Stylish Solution:

Cooling vests and bandanas are becoming increasingly popular among pet owners, and for good reason. These specially designed accessories can help keep your pet’s body temperature under control as they enjoy the great outdoors. Simply soak the vest or bandana in cold water, wring out the excess, and secure it on your pet. The evaporating water will create a refreshing cooling sensation, while the lightweight material won’t weigh them down. Incorporate these stylish accessories into your pet’s summer wardrobe to ensure they remain cool and comfortable all season long. We love the locally made ones at great for humans and pets, some of our dog walkers love them to keep cool on a hot day.


4. Shaded Spaces and Hydration:

When outdoors, make sure your pet has access to shaded areas, such as under trees, canopies, or awnings. This will allow them to escape the sunlight and find relief from the heat. Furthermore, keep fresh water bowls accessible both indoors and outdoors to encourage your pet to stay hydrated throughout the day. For additional pizzazz, add ice cubes to their water bowls for a delightfully chilling treat or check out our blog post on easy patio treats.

In conclusion, it’s essential to be proactive in providing our pets with the care and resources they need to stay cool during the summer months. By following these creative tips and tricks, we can make sure our beloved pets beat the heat in Newmarket and Aurora and enjoy a happy and healthy summer.


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