Back to school Doggie Blues

It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year ….

…. but not for your pooch!

Summertime is busy, it’s fun, people in and out, going here their and everywhere.   Cottages, swimming, hikes on the trails, treats, BBQ – life has been good for Fido and the family.    Now it’s back to school – quiet, lots of sitting by the door or staring out the window and waiting for someone to come and visit.   When they are home, it’s down to homework, off to after school activities.   Quite a change from the summer of fun that your pooch was enjoying.

Your pup NEEDS a physical and mental break during the day.   WHY?

Everyone is gone!!!!    Dogs can feel separation anxiety and depression.

  • Depression is – well depression.   Listlessness, lack of appetite, hiding, cowering, not wanting to play.
  • Separation Anxiety can manifest in many ways including destructive behaviour, chewing, crying, whining, clawing at windows and doors and accidents in the house EVEN IF they have just been outside.

Boredom – nothing for Fido to do, nothing to exercise the mind or body.

Dogs are not meant to lay around all day and sleep, but when nobody is home what choice to they have?

Lack of physical exercise can cause joint issues, weight problems and more prone to injury when they do get out and walk because they have been so sedative during the day.

Lack of mental stimulation can cause similar problems to separation anxiety.   Even a dog that has never chewed in his life may take up this new habit just to keep himself busy while the family is gone.

No mid-day snack 😦   well that’s just not right, Fido had been enjoying snacks in July and August – What HAPPENED!!!

Nobody to look after.   Dogs have a sense of duty caring for their family, now they are all gone 😦

For kids who have gone away to University or College, there best friend is GONE!  Whose secrets is Fido going to be entrusted with?    Who’s bed are they going to snuggle up on?    Sure they will be home at Thanksgiving but in doggie years that like FOUR years away.

SOLUTION – Hire a Dog Walker and/or Pet Care Provider to stop by and give your pooch a mid-day break.     Even short break mid-day is the best thing you can do for your pup and yourselves.    For 15 years we have been visiting peoples homes mid-day, giving your pet that physical and mental stimulation they need, and a treat and LOTS of cuddles and TLC.    All visits are customized to your pets individual needs and all visits give your pooch the one of one attention they need and deserve.



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