August Adventures: Fun Ways to Spend Time with Your Pet

As pet parents, we cherish every moment spent with our beloved fur babies. The warm weather and long summer days offer lots of opportunities for fun and adventure. Keeping our pets active and integrating them into our daily activities not only improve their health but also strengthen the special bond we share with them.


Beat the Heat: Cool Indoor Activities

When the summer heatwave rolls around in Ontario, keeping cool is paramount for us and our four-legged friends. It’s a fantastic time to engage your pet in mind-stimulating indoor activities. Training sessions, for instance, can provide both mental and physical exercise. Local trainers like Unified K9 Behaviour offer interactive, pet-friendly programs aimed at enhancing your pet’s skills and manners.

Another great indoor activity is puzzle toys. They keep your pet engaged and provide an excellent source of mental stimulation. Just imagine the sense of accomplishment and delight your pet will feel when they ‘crack the code’ to get their treat!


Get Outside: Outdoor Fun with Your Pet

Despite the sweltering midday sun, the early mornings and late evenings of Ontario’s summers are perfectly pleasant for outdoor activities. The tranquil nature trails around Fairy Lake in Newmarket and the lush landscapes of the Oak Ridges Moraine are the perfect spots for a leisurely walk or hike with your furry friend.

If your pet is a water lover, a dip in local swimming spots or a splash in a kiddie pool in the backyard can be a refreshing way to cool off. Always remember to keep a close eye on your pet during these activities to ensure their safety.


Make it Special: End of Summers Celebrations

As the summer draws close, why not give it a memorable send-off with a pet-friendly picnic or party? Pack some pet-approved snacks, a few toys, and set out for a day of fun at the Aurora Town Park or the Newmarket Fairy Lake Park. Your pet will surely love the change in scenery and the extra attention.

Be sure to keep an eye on the York Region’s event calendar for any upcoming pet-friendly local events as well.

Before we all get back into the busy routine of school, work and extracurricular activities, let’s create those lasting memories with our pets. Whether you’re splashing around in the water, hiking through the serene landscapes, or celebrating with a picnic, make every moment count with your furry friend this summer. After all, the journey is far better when shared with a faithful companion.




  1. Tracy

    Love the outdoor ideas!

    • Morag Willcox

      Thanks for reading Tracy! Hope you were able to get some outdoor fun in with your Pet 🙂


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