Are We Pet Sitters OR Dog Walkers?

So what are we?    You hear the name York Professional Pet Sitting, you assume we do Pet Sitting right?   Yet you hear us talk about the Dog Walking clients we have.    WOW it’s no wonder  you are confused.  Let’s clear this up.

Believe it or not, I actually have long-time Dog Walking clients that will call or email and ask if we can recommend a Pet Sitter!!! WHAT???   And Pet Sitting clients who ask if we can recommend a Dog Walker!



So what is the difference between a Pet Sitter and a Dog Walker?

Good question.   The two words are really interchangeable but there are some companies that only do Dog Walking, or only do Pet Sitting.

To simplify it, Dog Walking is typically mid-day Monday – Friday visits with your pup while the family are at work or school.   The same walker, the same time frame. Providing a break in the middle of a long day to allow your dog to get out, enjoy some fresh air, stretch their legs, do their business and of course enjoy lots of cuddles, interaction and a T-R-E-A-T.   The visits can vary in length, depending on your dogs breed, age and energy level.

Pet Sitting is everything else.    Care of any and all family pets when the pet parents are on vacation, away on a business trip, going to a wedding, a cottage, a weekend away OR had surgery or illness where they need help caring for their pet.  The visits include feeding, medication, litter scooping, cage cleaning, and as always lots of love and TLC.



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