A patio treat for your pet

We all enjoy sitting on the patio on a glorious summer day and enjoying a nice refreshing drink and some snacks.

Don’t leave Fido out of the fun.    Make this simple and fun treat for them.

Take a Tupperware/Rubbermaid or similar container (size does not matter)

Fill with water.   If you are really spoiling add some LOW SODIUM chicken, beef of vegetable broth for extra flavour.

Toss in some healthy treats – carrots, apples, celery, some dehydrated liver treats. NOTE – do not put lid on, it will make it easier to come out.

Put in freezer (Ben insists I put his on the quick freeze shelf)

WAIT  and WAIT some more.

When you are sitting out on the patio, remove from freezer and take it out of the container to put on the patio for your pup to enjoy.

It’s healthy, it keeps them busy, it keeps them hydrated and cool.




  1. Joanne

    Great idea- thanks. Looking forward to more great ideas.

    • Morag

      Thanks Joanne – did your pup enjoy the patio treat?


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