6 Important Spring Safety Checks For Pet Parents

WOW here we are at the beginning of April and that’s great news because it means …


  • we survived March 2020 – wow what a month that was. I know this is not all over yet but at least the whirlwind and the newness seems to have settled down to a new routine.

6 Important Spring Safety Checks For Pet Parents

  • SPRING is here, we have snowdrops in our front garden and they are proof to me that nature is strong and resilient. I planted these snowdrops when we moved in here 25 years ago.   Since then there have been tree’s and rocks on them, things have been dug up, the whole garden was extended and dug over and still in the Spring they peak their pretty white heads out of the ground to show me they survived and thrived.    Nature is incredible and I think we should all take lessons from it.





For pet parents spring bring with it new challenges.  I don’t know about you but every year we have to adjust the lock on our gate, because things shift and the gate that lined up perfectly in the fall is now about 2 inches off and the latch no longer secures properly.


During this time when we are all home ALL the time, our pets are probably being let in and out the backyard on a more frequent basis.   This means it is extremely important that you do regular backyard checks.


  • Gate latches securely and stay’s latched.
  • Fence boards are secure
  • Check for gaps under fences
  • Shed doors secure
  • Look for items that have blown over/under or through the backyard over the winter that could cause harm to your pet
  • Sprouting plants that could be toxic to your pet


Please do not do this just once, as the weather warms more and we go through the rollercoaster of Spring weather it is important you do this on a regular basis.


Also, as the weather gets warmer ensure there is plenty of shade in the backyard for your pet and fresh water at all times.


The next important reminder we will be addressing later in the week  – checking for fleas and ticks before your pet comes in the house.   Stay tuned so we can all work together to keep your pet safe and healthy.





  1. Lorrie

    Thank you for the extra reminders.

    • Morag Willcox

      Hi Lorrie,

      Thanks for taking the time to read. Feel free to pass it on to other pet parents. Let’s keep all our furry friends safe this spring 🙂

  2. Wayne Bishop

    Great tips! I’ll be checking all of the points today.

    • Morag Willcox

      Glad you found it useful Wayne, we want to make sure we do what we can do ensure all pets are safe and secure.


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