5 things to do for your pet BEFORE the clocks go back

Very soon the clocks will “fall” back an hour… Well for us humans they will, but our pets internal clock will not change. Their internal body clock will still tell them when feeding time is and when it’s time to go for a pee, BM or W-A-L-K (yes I know you are reading this with your furry family member)

1 – Start adjusting their feeding schedule now – 10-15 minutes a day.

2 – If your pet is on any kind of medication like insulin or time sensitive medication that should be given every 12 hours. Start adjusting that now in small increments.

3 – Make sure you have your walking gear ready for darkness – dark in the morning, dark at night. Flashlight, reflective leash, reflective on your clothing. We don’t want to hear of any accidents in our service area.

4 – Change the batteries in your smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and while you are at it change the batteries in your electronic lock, even if you think they are still good. The last thing you want is to have it fail on a cold winter night.

5 – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – we do not advise or use Flexi/Extenda leashes at any time of year, but in the dark it’s even worse. Nobody is going to see your pooch if they are 10 feet ahead of you in the dark. Please use a 5 or 6 food leash so you always have control of your pooch.

Now you can enjoy that extra hour of sleep – IF your pet lets you!



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