4 Ways to Socialize Your Dog in a Locked Down World 

The Covid19 lockdown is creating problems for our dogs and we don’t know it yet. Our world has become very unsocial, even when out walking our dog we have to walk around and away from other people and dogs. It becomes more difficult to socialize your dog. What queues do you think this is giving our furry family members?

They are telling them that people and dogs are bad and should be avoided.   This will not be such a big issue with older well-established dogs (however they may regress) but it will certainly be issues with rescues and puppies brought into the world during the pandemic.

I chat with Kaylyn from Wag A While who is also a Registered Veterinary Technician about how to help keep your dog socialized during the lock down and how to ease them back into life once it’s over.

4 Tips to Socialize Your Dog in a Locked Down World

TIP 1 –  if you have a neighbour that you know and trust and has a friendly dog, they can bring their dog into your secure backyard and still keep social distance from you – let them have some playtime.

NOTE:  You should always be prepared to have to step in if things get out of hand so during these times have a mask handy, in case 2 of you have to step in.

TIP 2 – Hire a Professional Dog Walker to come and take your dog for a walk, while keeping Covid19 protocol.   Even once a week will help your pooch get used to people that are not in their family.

TIP 3 – Once Doggie Daycares open, take them even for a ½ day or twice a week to get them used to playing and learning from other dogs.    There is one better to teach your dog manners than another dog.

TIP 4 – Get your dog used to the noises in the world,  trucks, garbage cans blowing, take them to the car wash etc.  It’s hard to get them used to this right now because it’s quiet, kids are not running around the street or playgrounds making noise but it’s important they get to hear noise and see things even in our unsocial world.

There are so many reasons to keep your dog well socialized with humans and other dogs.   Taking them to the vet, the groomer, a friends, someone’s cottage, travelling etc.

If you need us we are here for you.  We want to ensure you have happy, emotionally and physically healthy pets.



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