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10 Easy Tips To Make Halloween Safe For Your Pets


1. Dressing up your pet for Halloween?

Don’t force the issue. Some pets love the attention they get from wearing clothes or costumes. If you must get a photo of your pet dressed up and your pet shows any kind of stress having a costume on, just grab a quick snapshot, take it off and let them go.

2. If your pup enjoys wearing their costume, practice walking in the costume. Give pets time to get acclimated to their costume (and yours) before the big day. Make sure nothing impairs their mobility or vision.

3. Make sure their collar, leash and harness still fit properly around the costume. The last thing you want is your pet getting loose.

4. Make sure pet tags are up to date. Even the most mild-mannered dog may get spooked by the arrival of ghosts and goblins.

5. Do not use a retractable leash that allows your dog to run ahead of you, pick things off the ground, scare kids or be scared by kids – a short reflective leash is recommended not just on Halloween but at all times.

6. Keep anxious pets away from the action at the front door. Some pets patiently greet kids who arrive in search of treats. If your pet gets stressed or likes to dash out, put them in another room for the short time the door will be open or closed, or better yet, you stay outside with the candy, so the doorbell is not ringing constantly. This will reduce a lot of stress on your pet.

7. Monitor that treat bag and any candles. Make sure your pet stays far away from goodie bags and watch for stray pieces of candy that may be on the ground or at home once your kids dump their treats out.

Make sure that the treats you are handing out are kept well out of reach of pets and as soon as you are finished shelling out, put the leftovers up and out of reach.

8. The lawn inflatables and other moving decorations can be very scary for some pets, especially as they move around in the wind or make noise. If your pet is unsure, turn around and find another route.

9 Don’t leave pets unattended in costumes ever. Even for a minute.

10. Use extra caution around kids. Even if your pet LOVES kids, seeing them running around in strange garb may stress them out and behave in ways you do not normally see.



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