Halloween Safety Tips For Your Aurora and Newmarket Pets

Halloween night is fast approaching! While I’m sure you are super excited to get your pets dressed up and ready for the spookiest night of the year, some preparations need to occur ahead of time to ensure the night will be fun and comfortable for everyone involved.

Our pets will need some extra love and attention on Halloween night, so we are here to bring you some Halloween safety tips to make this year’s spooky night safe for your Aurora and Newmarket pets! 


1) A Big Halloween Safety Tip: Use Caution With Costumes

Some pets will accept wearing costumes more than others. If you must get a photo of your pet dressed up and your pet shows any stress having a costume on, grab a quick snapshot and take it off. If your pup enjoys wearing their costume, practice walking in the costume. Give pets time to get acclimated to their costume (and yours) before the big day. Make sure nothing impairs their mobility or vision. If you are unsure about how to introduce Halloween costumes to your pets, we have some tips and tricks for you here!


2) Keep ID Tags Visible And Up To Date

When you are out trick or treating with your dogs on Halloween night, make sure their collar, leash and harness fit properly around the costume. Have their ID tags visible, with your information on it.  It is understandable if you need to loosen things up to accommodate the costume. However, the last thing you want is your pet getting loose if they get scared by something while you’re out. Even the most mild-mannered dog may get startled by the arrival of ghosts and goblins.


3) Keep Your Dog On A Solid Leash

Do not use a retractable leash that allows your dog to run ahead of you, or pick things up off the ground. A short reflective leash is best to use not just on Halloween but at all times. A short leash will give you more control over your dog if anything happens while you are out with them. A reflective leash will also allow them to be visible by cars.


4) Keep Your Pets Away From The Front Door 

Keep anxious pets away from the front door. If your pet gets stressed out or likes to run out, put them in another room. You can also put up a gate up to keep them in the living room or kitchen so they can still be close to you and part of the fun! If your dog loves being outside, stay outdoors with the candy. Be sure to keep them on a leash at all times. 

Safety Tips For Your Aurora and Newmarket Pets


5) Keep Your Pets Far Away From Candy

Out of all of the Halloween safety tips, this has to be the most important one. If your dog likes to explore or get into things, make sure the Halloween candy in the house is far out of their reach. Watch for stray pieces of candy that may be on the ground or at home once your kids dump their treats out.

Ensure that the treats you hand out are out of reach of pets. As soon as you finish giving them out, put the leftovers away. If your dog or cat ingests any piece of candy, the consequences can be devastating. Candies contain an ingredient called Xylitol that is highly toxic to your pets. Chocolates are also very dangerous for pets. It may be a good idea for your children to dump their candy in another room that your pet does not have access to. The last thing you need after a night of fun is a medical emergency! 


6) Watch Out For Halloween Decor

The lawn inflatables and other moving decorations can be scary for some pets. Especially as they move around in the wind or make noise. If your pet is unsure about them, turn around and find another route. Alternatively, you could hire a professional pet sitter to look after your pet while you are out for a couple of hours trick or treating! If you notice your pet is becoming anxious, take them home right away.


7) Keep Your Cats Indoors 

Cats are very calm and docile animals. They don’t like commotion and excitement every day. On Halloween night, surely there will be a lot going on that might disrupt their routine and what they’re used to regularly. If you are handing out candies, make sure your cats are in a safe place so they don’t make a run for it if they hear something that might spook them. 


8) Use Extra Caution Around Kids 

Even if your pet LOVES kids and is usually friendly with them on a typical day, seeing kids in strange costumes may stress them out a bit. Perhaps reduce your dog’s interaction with children for the evening. With all the peculiar masks and noises they will hear, the last thing you want is for your dog to react negatively to anything.

Halloween this year can be successful as long as you follow and understand these Halloween safety tips for your Aurora and Newmarket pets! Please make sure you have treats handy to reward your dog with so they can create a positive association with their surroundings and the situation. 



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