10 Easy Tips to Help Trim Your Pet’s Nails

As I write this we are in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic with all but non-essential business shut down.   Currently that includes everyone’s favourite pet groomer.   No nail trimming, no grooms, no brush outs, no de-shedding.   Yikes, what’s a pet to do?

I had the pleasure of interview Natalie, an experienced groomer from Paws In The Bath Aurora location.    Here is the interview and below are some quick take away points.

Tips to Help Trim Your Pet’s Nails

TIP 1 – 2 people if possible.   1 to feed treats, the other to clip.

TIP 2 – If you can safely put on a raised tabletop they may standstill

TIP 3 –  Find out how your dog is comfortable having nails trimmed.    Leg forward, on their back, lying down.

TIP 4 – Never open clipper completely, just enough so you can slide the dogs nail into the hole.   This is the key to quick and easy nail trimming.

TIP 5 – Just clip off the very end.

TIP 6 – Try a pet dremel, the noise may frighten your dog so have it running at a distance first so they get used to it.

TIP 7 – If your dog has long hair and you are using a dremel, pull the hair away from the nail so it does not get caught up and wound in the grinder.

TIP 8 – If all else fails, try a regular nail file, it will take a LONG time, but it can just smooth things out till the groomers open again.

TIP 9 – Have flour or cornstarch on hand, in case you cause bleeding you can pack it on the nail or dip the nail into to encourage quick clotting.   If you have Quick stop that’s great.

TIP 10 – Take it slow, you don’t have to do a full trim, if some nails are longer than others focus on getting the tips off them done.    Do the best you can till the groomers re-open.

FINAL TIP – have LOTS of high end (not something they get every day) treats on hand, hot dogs, bacon, cheese, ham, liver, peanut butter – something super special not only to distract them but to treat them for allowing you to trim their nails.     This will make it much easier for both of you next time.


Peanut butter on head?   Please don’t.

We have probably all seen the “genius hack” in the video below of putting plastic wrap around your head and covering it with peanut butter to distract your dog while you trim their nails.    Please don’t.   Although this is funny and very cute to watch it can be dangerous.    Even the most loyal, loveable …. Would never, ever bite a soul dog could react if you do cut the quick or accidentally cause any pain.    Look how close your face it to their teeth.   When they are in pain they will react and although never meaning to hurt you they will lash out at the closest thing to them – your face.

Be patient, your favourite dog groomer will soon be up and running so your pet can get the pampering they deserve.

Paws in the bath does Professional full service grooming as well as “Do it yourself” grooming.  They have locations in Newmarket, Aurora, Keswick and in the Beaches. You can find more video’s, information and book visits at https://www1.pawsinthebath.com/



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