It’s easy being GREEN

At York Professional Pet Sitting we do not only care about your pet, but the environment they live in.  We have made a conscious choice to make the day to day running of our business as eco friendly as possible.  After all is this Pug and his friends can do it – we certainly can!

So what do we as a company and individual team members do to “be Green”?

  • We use 100% bio degradable 100% Compostable poop bags. “We all know plastic is not so fantastic.  It can take up to 1000 years to degrade”  We use Poop bags that harmlessly degrade into CO2 & H2O in only 18 months.months.
  • Wash out and recycle all clients dog and cat food cans.
  • We have switched a secure online file/scheduling and invoicing system which has reduced our paper consumption by just over 80% and we continue to work to make it 100%.
  • The paper we used is recycled paper and then we recycle again.
  • Support local business first and foremost

We are constantly trying to keep informed on new idea’s and products that we can use to make York Professional Pet Sitting as Green as possible for a safe and happy future for our planet, for us and for our pets.