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Here are a few testimonials.    For more you can see the reviews on our Facebook page (click here), lots on my Linkedin Page (click here) and our Google page (click here)

We have been using York Professional Pet Sitting for over 2 years and cannot recommend them highly enough. They exhibit a professional attitude, caring and concern regarding our animals. Tey go the extra mile and demonstrate tremendous responsibility when it comes to pet care.
In addition, they are extremely reliable, trustworthy and let us know if anything is amiss or observed to be a potential concern. They are like an extended family to us and our dogs.
Posted By: Cathy and Bill
Morag and Glenn at York Professional Pet Sitting provided excellent dog care for our two golden retrievers for over 5 years. They were extremely reliable, always courteous and they became trusted friends as well. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing pet care on a regular basis.
Posted By: Celeste
What a releif to find someone who I am comfortable with looking after my dogs.
Posted By: Debra
King City
Great notes each day! Love the updates when we get home.
Posted By: Catherine
King City
Going away was very difficult knowing we had to leave our dogs. Part way through our trip Morag emailed us which reassured us they were doing well. Reading the daily visit diary made us feel we had left our dogs in very capable and caring hands. We will definately be using this service again and will strongly recommend it to friends. xcellent care of Jarvis and Cody.
Posted By: Tammie and Jim
Thanks for all the help this year. It’s really made things a little easier for all of us.
Posted By: Chris and Tracy
Thank-you so much for the wonderful care you’ve taken of Timber. It buys us such peace of mind each day. Timber looks forward to his walk every day
Posted By: Kim and Jason
Mulder has enjoyed his visits with Glenn and Bob. I find him to be happier and less anxious when I arrive home from work. I would suggest all dog owners who work long hours look into York Professional Pet Sitting Services.
Posted By: Jennifer
Chasing the ball at the park is Cedars favourite thing to do and the perfect break for her when we are away at the office. Since hiring York Professional Pet Sitting Cedar has been a lot calmer and easy going when we get home. We know she looks forward to her daily visits.
Posted By: Lisa
King City
Whizz (loving referred to as “Ping Pong”) needs excersise and lots of it. York Professional Pet Sitting provides him with lots of that and he loves to play with Bob when he comes to visit too.
Posted By: Karen
Morag and Glenn are wonderful ‘animal
people’ you can tell how much they love their job and care about the animals.

If Shak could talk he would say ‘I like them very much and wait at the door at noon for my walk. It makes my day!’

Posted By: Audrey
When I returned to school full-time this fall, I was concerned that Maggie our then 3 1/2 month old Golden Retreiver would be very lonely in her crate while I was gone. With Morag walking her every three hours she is content and happy when I arrive home. It’s given me peace of mind to know she’s well cared for.
Posted By: Nancy
It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for York Professional Pet Sitters. In the past, we always boarded our two cats, Electra and Odie, whenever we went on vacation. Each time it was such an ordeal causing us and them stress. We always worried about the quality of care they were receiving and it distressed knowing that they would be in a cage all day.

This time we decided to go with a pet sitter. Morag, kept us informed on a daily basis by writing a diary about her visit each day. We can tell by her words that she is a very caring person and that Electra and Odie received a lot of attention. Usually when we board our cats they sulk for weeks but this time, we can tell they were extremely happy, and to be honest, I don’t think they missed us much.

In light of the great care Electra and Odie received, we will gladly have York Professional Pet Sitters take care of them the next time we go away. We have no hesitation to recommend Morag to anyone who wishes not only to have peace of mind on their next trip but as a cost effective alternative to boarding.

Posted By: Angela and Dave
Due to our heavy work schedules we decided against getting a puppy. However, when I moved to my home office, this was the chance we were waiting for. The challenge was we needed to find support for our new puppy who needed access to the great outdoors. After searching the web we found York Professional Pet Sitting. Now we don’t worry about Mac when we are with a client. Morag visits Mac twice a day and he is relieved. Morag plays and works with Mac on this commands; come, sit and are learning to use the leash.

York Professional Pet Sitting is just what we need to enjoy our new puppy.

Posted By: Pam and Gerry
My husband and I would like to sincerely thank you for coming to our home and taking care of our dog Tigger while we were away.

I appreciated your daily diary letting us know how your visits went with Tigger. As you know I was anxious about how Tigger would react to a stranger coming into our home while he was home alone but it appears my concerns were unfounded.

In the past we have used a local Kennel or had to burden friends or relatives with Tigger while we were away. The Kennels are very expensive and Tigger is put in an unfamiliar setting with other dogs and people he does not know. He always comes home a bit shell shocked.

With your kind gentle care we came home to a very calm happy Tigger who seemed unaffected by our absense.

Posted By: Cathy
We have used York Professional Pet Sitting for approximately four years now. We have found their service to be exceptional in all ways:

1.Reliable They have never missed a scheduled visit. If they have been unable to do a visit for us because of being away, they have notified us weeks in advance and often provided substitute service for us through an employee.

2.Compassionate – They truly care about animals and understand how important our dogs are to us. On their initial visit to meet our dog, Mercedes, and us they gathered a lot of information about Mercedes: her food, her favourite toys, where in the house she would go if she were scared, etc. They did the same thing with our current dog, Wilson.

3.Knowledgeable – They advised us as to the appropriateness of our leashes, and had other tips for us. They point out anything we should be aware of in their notes left at the end of their visit.

4.Responsive – Of particular importance to us, they have been available on a “last minute” basis when family emergencies have required us to leave messages for them. They have always worked a visit or multiple visits into their regular schedule.

We highly recommend them to those who require pet sitting services. We are moving into an area where we can’t use their services and we will sorely miss Glenn, Morag and Bob!

Posted By: Thomas W. Mezon, Linda F. Mezon
Champ our 10 week old German Shepard is full of life and energy. York Professional Pet Sitting is re-enforcing my training and giving him the breaks and attention that we can’t give while we are at work all day.
Posted By: Cindi
Csar – Is very active and full of energy, left alone for to long he gets very anxious, has accidents and is hyper-active when we get home. His mid-day visits from York Professional Pet Sitting are a god-send. We come home to a much happier and more content pet
Posted By: Cathy, Jackie and Harold

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