Lorrie – Operations Manager

Lorrie1 Lorrie has lived in and around this area since she was 2. She’s always known she wanted to work with and be around animals, and is most happy when doing so. She’s had many pets over the years, including horses, dogs, cats and fish, plus the grasshoppers, crickets and beetles that she kept in terrariums in her family’s basement and shed. Shhh, don’t tell her father, he still doesn’t know to this day.

Lorrie started working part time at the Ontario Humane Society, while still in high school. After 8 years of employment, spent between the shelter and vet clinic, and becoming shelter supervisor, the Aurora location closed down and Lorrie moved on. She worked at a dog boarding facility until becoming pregnant and staying home to raise her son, she also had a bad car accident and injured her back. Unfortunately, her horse back riding days were over. Looking to get back into working again, Lorrie took a position at a Thoroughbred horse farm. After a couple of years she was managing the farm of 23 Thoroughbreds, some mares and foals, 4 Quarter horses, as well as overseeing the horses at the track. Sadly, her employer sold the property and new owners took over. Lorrie stayed with them for 4 years and then left to work at a horse boarding facility in Uxbridge. Herniated discs caused Lorrie to resign and look for something better for her back in 2015, and joined the team at York Professional Pet Sitting.   In 2018 Lorrie’s back got the better of her again and she had to stop her dog walking duties.    Being such a valuable team member she was given the role of operations manager where she oversee’s all team members and scheduling clients visits.

Lorrie is married to a great guy, Ray, who she’s still trying to house train, and has a fantastic son, Nicholas and an adorable grandson Tyson.
Lorrie volunteers with the Canadian Cancer Society, WWF, Heart and Stroke and is a blood donor.
If there’s an animal around, you’ll find Lorrie.   Yes, she is that crazy lady in the middle of the road making sure the turtle gets to the other side safely!