Lisa – Office Manager



Lisa was born in Toronto, and grew up in Thornhill with her family.   From a very early age, Lisa has had a love and passion for all animals.   Before grade 3 was let out for the summer, she volunteered to take her class’s pet, Squirmy, the rat, and gave him a forever home, much to the surprise of her mother.   A few other rodents followed, then a super cute and crazy, kissing cockapoo puppy named Muffin was added to the family.   Muffin grew up with Lisa and her two siblings until she was almost 15 years old, that’s almost 105 in dog years!!   From then, Lisa knew she would always have a dog in her life.

A graphic design career, and a love for the ocean, took her overseas for almost a decade, returning to Canada in 2010.   During that time, she wasn’t able to have a dog of her own, however eagerly volunteered to dog sit whenever a friend was in need.    She moved to Newmarket just before the summer of 2011 and couldn’t wait to start searching to adopt her next best friend.   After inquiring about a few pups from different rescues, she ended up fostering as she waited for Callie, a yellow lab mix, to arrive from Greece.   Callie was very timid, afraid of her own shadow, but after a few months she started to come out of her shell and her personality shone to become the dog she should have been in her homeland.   Time, patience and love is the greatest recipe for rehabilitation!    8 months after her arrival, she was one of the “poster dogs” at the Tails from Greece rescue booth at the All About Pets Show.    A star she is!

Victoria, Lisa’s daughter, was born in 2012, and Callie took to her immediately.   She became Victoria’s guardian.   Shortly after, Lisa volunteered to foster another pup from the same rescue.   Rena, a border collie/pointer/beagle mix? (lol) was just too sweet with Victoria that Lisa became a foster failure and Rena was made a permanent family member.

Lisa has been a long-time supporter and advocate in the rescue world and continues to help with Fundraising, fostering and transporting doggies to their foster or adoptive homes.

Lisa has been working for York Professional Pet Sitting since 2013 when she worked weekends while working another job after a brief hiatus she has now returned as our full-time Office manager.   Although her main role is in the office, helping clients book visits, answering calls and emails, Lisa does not hesitate to help out with visits when needed.   She will also be helping with marketing, at events and in any capacity to ensure your pets get the best care possible.   We just sometimes have to remind Lisa that she can’t take any of the fur clients home with her 🙂

If you need to contact Lisa directly you can do so by phone at 289-221-4573, her direct email is or the contact form on the website.